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Revolutions minute. That's that's not easy. So it's a little easier when you just random access a drive that has no moving parts for a long time. People said, yeah. But you know, there's an advantage because no moving parts, but there's a disadvantage because we know that the memory cells used in solid state memory, which is they're very similar, in fact, in some cases, identical the memory in your camera, for instance, or your phone that MOS memory cells have a limited number of read and write cycles, particularly right cycles, and they'll wear out faster. But people have been very clever and designing these SSD's they do something called wear leveling that make sure that no one part of the drive gets more a actively than the others. So I put in the show notes an article from back blaze answering this question. How reliable are SSD's and I'll just give. The bottom line. There's a lot, you know, this, and that you know, they hedged their bets a little bit saying, well, it depends what you're going to use it for. But the thing that I think is most interesting to me in the thing. I think most people wanted to know solid straight drives are as reliable as hard to strive unless you're using them in some odd way. So this is the line that I took as the T L DR the bottom line SSD's can be expected to last as long or longer than HDD's spinning hard drives in most general applications. And they said you should trust the manufacturer's specifications and SSD should ideally last as long as it's manufacturer expects it to last providing you're using it in a kind of a normal way. So this is really good news answers the question, and a lot of people have had a lot of people stayed away from solid state drives despite the advantages, the speed improvements because it really can take a computer feel sluggish and make it lightning-quick turns out this is one of the things that can really slow down a machine. If you can afford, a solid state drive in your computer. There's no reason not to get one at Lor. At least reliability is not an issue. They are as reliable if not more than your old fashioned spinning drives. And in fact, that's I conclude that a long time ago, and I don't any computer I buy now solid-state memory. And of course, your phone has solid state memory has to and many, laptops. Don't even come with spinning drives anymore. But from now on it's an SSD for me..

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