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Made in college basketball on monday as oregon played host to ucla first touch for it's the division record of manzoor would it we history don't care if you're beyond the article in the paint gardiner wide open if you're playing competitive basketball you are going to miss but not oregon through the energy without a couple more shots after that bucket run her streak to thirty three consecutive shots made from the floor than just before halftime there's a wealthy he this wrecker at thirty three the crowd with a standing ovation in this but breaking thirty three all dean one record with thirty three consecutive field goal that was not ears being due out amine rebecca lobo thirty three straight brought your driveway dried had 33 straight that's mighty impressive in the end oregon woods in in overtime beat ucla 101 94 in setting the collegiate record she passes gales brandon giraldo at a streak of thirty consecutive shots made last season oregon not the only ones to score in triple digits on monday on the men's side kansas oklahoma jay hawks heading in tied with texas tech for first place in the big 12 ferret eric dill although food julianne hough guy of sports network kansas goes out a one old four seventy four victory over the suitors kansas is one seventeen straight home games against oklahoma the last time kansas lost at home to the sooner snow was in heavy rotation the government of cuba intrigued among other overpass mohta 1993 last time j hawks lost that hold the oklahoma alba oklahoma basketball the of lost six in a row tonight i would say that they got the food beat nodded them but that's an understatement because oklahoma gloucester kansas number in the country one 04 to 74 and believe me it was not that close for oklahoma it wasn't that long ago that this team with you can make an arbitrate young being the best way the country but all of a sudden he we look at to know kommer that as i mentioned they lost the texas west virginia i was state sexist texas and kansas they've lost six in a row they got kansas state bieler in in iowa state they're going to need the win out because it they only win one game and then when the big 12 tournament i don't believe this teams getting indians he doubly tournament pretty common earlier here on espn radio trey yang a seasonlow eleven point since auto.

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