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An eye on the road. Traffic on the twos on KYW NewsRadio news time seven thirty nine two men are in the bucks county correctional facility after police say they attempted. To, break into a number of vehicles and Ben Salem shopping center Kim Glovas has more to suspects responded by, Ben Salem police officer at the Woodhaven. Mall on Friday the two are pulling on door handles. Vehicles in the lot the officer recognize them as, two suspects wanted for similar crimes earlier in the day police arrested twenty nine. Year old Patrick Ivers, at the scene the second man Thirty-one-year-old John Palumbo jumped into a Cadillac slammed into a police cruiser and then led police on a chase. He abandoned the car on. State road and ran into Salem harbor apartments Palumbo. Tried to escape, by, wading into the Delaware river but after a few minutes he came to shore and. Surrendered both men are charged with theft from. A motor vehicle and receiving, stolen property Palumbo is also charged with hit and run eluding police and resisting arrest. Iverson is being held on. Ten percent of. One hundred thousand dollars. Bail Colombo's villas ten percent of half, a million Kim Glovas KYW NewsRadio seventy six degrees mostly cloudy skies going down to sixty dying of news time seven forty a tearful apology during the sentencing of a. Bucks county man who fired ten shotgun blasts into the office of his trailer park community suburban. Bureau chief Jim Melwert has that story Fifty-six-year-old Jimmy storm and says he was going to kill himself. That day as workers comp claim had been denied social security. Disability benefits were not paying the bills and credit card debt. Was piling up and, he'd lost his health insurance it, drove his dog to his. Ex-wife's house and emptied his Bank account left the cash for his mother then drove to the office and opened fire police. Found storm sitting outside his trailer a handgun a bible and a bottle. Of whisky at a speed with time sir Storm, in will be eligible for parole in September the judge praising ambers behavior, in county prison telling him he's taking a chance with a light sentence and warning him to stay away from alcohol when he gets out in. Doylestown Jim Melwert KYW NewsRadio most.

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