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Video of seen in oregon that will turn your stomach. And this is happening in democrat run state all over america shoplifters stealing thousands of dollars worth of wires from a lowe's home improvement store in oregon kaiser oregon resident andrew sullivan who filmed the incident told the kaiser times it was so blatant. That's what's wild me up. They just strolled through the parking lot. Riding the karch. Now again you can. You can see the video if you're watching mike. Online dot com click. Watch mike on tv. Two men pushing shopping carts loaded to the brim with thousands of dollars worth of electrical wire. Walking out of the lows doors as to employees are helpless to stop them. According to fox news dot com a lows employees standing at the door asked the men to show their receipt as they approached. They just kept walking. They refused to do so. Another lows. employee is then seen approaching the men in the video to which the first employee said. Hey don't do this. It's not worth the police said. Essentially jails don't take offenders such you shoplifters in states like oregon in order to cut back on their populations wait for it due to coverted. According to police. Lieutenant andrew copeland of the kaiser oregon police department. The men would likely face some fines. Get a ticket and be released. Copland said once you've stolen from lowe's wants and know that they can't stop you. There's no real consequence

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