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Sports said hello there nomore more groveling seventeen year old boy him ism olympic champion with a dominating performance in the women's snowboard half pipe in her first olympic competition camp this crushed her run he had two of them that we're good enough to earn the gold medal he was of peace to the competition but don't take my word for it here's another gold medallist the american jaynie anderson ties crowley old unbelievable and so impressed by pera i kind of had no doubts he would come near and when the goal fat i know a lot of pressure and a lot of handle and the fact that she just put it down first crinan got a ninety three and then to come back on her victory lap and our battling says foul impressive that was during the embassy chatted with julie foudy on televisions sports center in the nba monday night golden state was as dominant as chloe tim herself crushing phoenix won twenty nine '83 and a breakup a long grind during the season warriors head coach sleep perlit some of his players do some of the coaching explained i think as a staff were pretty consistent with our messaging i felt like it was better shas thanh conduct playing the players figure things out and and do things on their own in mice foists might as well be by my voice them so as bettered it but i did considering all the college board number fourteen north carolina over notre dame 20th wang thranked west virginia knocked off tcu and the number one women steam yukon beat fourthranked global my goal here coming up tuesday was the newel calves domination of the celtics beginners walk plus will have all the ways for the winter games in south korea ongole going oh tuesday six eastern espn radio espn into.

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