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Camp offers the numbers are closer with the difference of fifteen thousand votes between through Andrew gillum folks contend, they are not getting up more votes remain to be counted. Wow. What we'll see. But I do want to emphasize. I mean last night Andrew gillum did concede the race to Ron to scientists. But you know, how these things are. We we saw that disputed recount Ford always seems to be in the middle of these things whether it's into two election or certainly last night. But I you know, I we'll see how that bears out. Hopefully, if there is a miracle, maybe there's a Florida size miracle at the end. But I think now a lot of the attention is going to be on what happened in the twenty twenty cycle. What do the Democrats do now that they have control of the congress? And what does the molar investigation lead to next? Yep. Yep. Exactly. Get to work. We got we have limited time for non. So so great. I was so happy to see you and knock them Nance. Happy on Twitter. So then I know everything's okay. We saved democracy. See last night. At least we gave ourselves another two years to get it back. I said it on your show before Stephanie, and I I I never wanna be accused of being are engaging in hyperbole because I take it very seriously. But had the Democrats not one control the congress last night. I sincerely believe that are American experiment are American democracy would have been in grave danger. And I'm not sure it would have survived. Yep. Yep. No, I agree with you. But you know, now the fight begins for now. That's what people can't go. Thank god. We did it because it is only the beginning. Now. Now, the work begins. Right. Oh, this is what happened last night. It wasn't the beginning. It wasn't again. It's like it was the beginning of the opportunity to start the real battle. You know, look, I again at the risk of sounding hyperbolic, but I believe it in my bones, the Kuta place with the election of Donald Trump. Yep. That's what happened. They've taken control over. What happened last night was a salvo in return for Democrats and patriotic Americans. I don't even think it's about Democrats about Americans Republicans, independents and Democrats who see what has happened. Yeah. Country under this tree. Yeah. And polling showed that for non that, the majority of people said they were that they were voting against Trump that they that it was a referendum on him and he lost. That's exactly right. So I think now is when the fight begins and the and the ultimate prize less than anybody think. Otherwise is the White House in twenty twenty. And now, we gotta strap it so far everybody take a little victory last night. Get some rest take the weekend..

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