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No late down to 32 tonight, Ken Barlow, five, eyewitness News says, still looking at 1 to 3 inches tomorrow morning, that's of snow with dropping temperatures. The commute tomorrow morning will be slow and slick. And then this weekend, the coldest air in two years moves in right now it's 17 get you to give me the update. This is in my top dollar update a quick look at what's happening in entertainment way. Want the dirt on my talk my top. Did you want to tell me some of these former President Barack Obama admitted that he made a mistake by not giving Dolly Parton the presidential medal of Freedom, and former President Donald Trump tried to give it to her twice? She turned him down one time because her husband was sick. The second time, she said the no to the honor was due to Cove it and now the Biden administration's reached out, and Dolly said she may say no, because she will feel like she's doing politics. I think that's the real issue here. I think that she you know is just didn't ever want to be involved in that because she doesn't want to get political in anyway. Yeah, I agree with, you know, reading between the lines. I like it. Don. Yep. Elon Musk announced he is taking a break from Twitter. He didn't say why didn't say when he would return. This is what's interesting. He's got in trouble in the past, with E Securities and Exchange Commission that cost him $40 million in a settlement because of things he tweets. About stock surges. He recently tweeted I kind of love, love, etc. And the stock surged. Yeah. So there was this speculation that the Securities and Exchange Commission would flag him again for the FC tweet. So maybe he's been warned, like you can't even say you like something because it effects You know? Yeah, that affects the market. It's a real tricky area there. It's really interesting. He's not just a normal guy. Well, when everyone when you said he was off Twitter and why I thought it was because of his rocket blowing up and he's he has some things that he needs to take care of. Oh, my God, right? Yeah. Just sick of reading those tweets. That was a test run in kaboom. Yes. Okay. In a recent interview with British Vogue, Angelina Jolie spoke out about her being a mother and she revealed, you know, she has six kids between ages. 12 to 19. She believes that she lacks the skills to be a traditional state home. Mom, she says she doesn't feel like she's a great parent because of the fact that they have the ability to take care of themselves. Um Angelina and Brad Split in 2016. She's probably because of the pandemic feeling like Oh, my gosh, I have to do this stuff now. Yeah, Somebody else can do it for me. She still probably has people that helped. Probably they're probably in a bubble I would assume, but I understand what she's saying. I think there's a lot of us who feel that way. Yeah. I mean, I look back and reflect on things and go all I wasn't a good mom when I did that, you know, it's just Yeah. Yep. Brand also. I mean for her, it's a little different. You know that way have to work, you know, so You know, it's not like it. Leave. It is a completely different thing. Yeah, after work hearing it from her might be a little bit like at a touch. But, yeah, I think you're also very relatable to for sure. Okay, That's the latest.

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