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The show us night she did and you know it she also made history she became the first african american woman to win the cecil b demille award and that's um an honor that's given by the hollywood foreign press association and this year sh sh our in her acceptance speech she talked about empowering women it was really the big moment of the night so one all the girls watching hearing now to know that a new day is all rizal and a new day no way dawn's it will be because of a lot of magnificent women many will of them are right here on this deny i didn't make be gone the readers can take us to the time when gliding ever has to say me to again and of course all of that immediately started a swirl of speculation online and at the awards show about whether or not oprah winfrey the media mogul might run for president in that she has been mentioned before so the mirror probably some people who are looking for a moment which will be on a stage saying something that they would feed that speculation ideas right oprah for 2020 that's what they're all saying npr's mother lido bargo covering the golden globes last night it sounds like a really powerful evening muddle thanks a lot we appreciate and thank you okay that is up first for today monday january eighth i'm david greene and i'm steve inskeep start your day with us here tomorrow remember also you can subscribe to us wherever you listen to podcasts and you can rapists and review us on apple podcast and we appreciate you're listening to up first you can find more indepth coverage of the stories we spoke about today and a lot more on npr's morning edition that is the radio show that steve inskeep rachel martin and i host you can find morning edition you can find your npr station by going to stations that npr dot org.

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