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It's jordan jesse go jetset jesse thorn's on moore's pointed tech steve ag former child star breath you were not a former child star known i i was actually surprised when we were chatting earlier and you said you were in bands i guess i didn't know you past you've done it all steve as you went to arts arts art degree things every choice in the arts degree in painting playing in bands stand up comedy acting things that on paper your parents just be like oh my god what is he doing but this cryptocurrency thing is going to be big for you i'm i've got my fingers crossed what kind of answer you in punk bands yep cool yeah sounds like a lot of fun punk rock or no just jerk like mellow yacht rock so so sure yeah steve you're just a man of many talents excise man of many talents you've got your you've got your adlib charm i nap you've got your acting gift we were talking about this in the elevator steve i cannot nap you can't nap can't nap have you ever kick maybe one nap a year have you ever put any effort into it yes because you got to put your back to for me the best nabs are no efforts me laying on the couch going let's see what's on netflix and next thing i know really it's dark outside i'm very confused i know it's morning or i did i just walk out of a movie yeah i didn't know that until i'm also say five years ago and a couple of different things happened number one i started taking for a while i was taking this migraine medication that was making me so tired middle of the day also i started to accumulate more and more children which also had the same fisher and i realized that like either i could have a garbage one to nine thirty pm before collapsing or i could learn how to nap sometime like discount like really quick ones or why was doing a lot of cocaine does that all it takes her to holly esther sure on the floor be yes i what i did i'll tell you what i did you know your remember old mex fund sponsor meta filter popular community weblog and community community so there's this website ask meta filter which is like ask ya who were yahu answers but not garbage and i went in i went in there and looked no people on it asking a spider can get you pregnant yeah exactly i and the child is known isn't so i just real quick i at at at one point had a job where combing through the shitty yahu answers thing was like a segment right and the maybe the craziest one i ever when you worked for the mackel i worked for the mcelroy's yeah they fired me and you weren't getting paid i was the fourth brother like that other guy who was in the beatles now what's his name pete best i was the pete best of the mcelroy's the with that was there was like an bullets scare maybe like three or four years ago like a bowl lewis back and on yahoo answers so would wrote will the bullet outbreak effect the new season of gabe of throats god damn concern that it would hold up shooting or something if everybody got bullets i looked at a mapping a couple of napping threads on minimum to learn what i could about naps and this is what i found first of all i got myself a high quality i'm asked they got these are made out of three dimensional neoprene i have one so they don't press on your eyeballs yes black what's your brand steve i don't know i.

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