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An onslaught of patients entering hospitals for covert 19. It's straining many hospitals that are already being taxed. That's the case in ST Louis, where hospitals need more ICU beds, and they're looking outside ST Louis to fulfill the need. Dr Alex Garza. They've generated a list of every hospital between ST Louis and Chicago that might have an ICU bed and they just get on the phone and start calling. Garza says emergency rooms are overrun, and he says tents are being set up to handle the overflow in ST Louis. The Illinois Health Department is announcing 12,000 new or probable cases of the respiratory disease today, and they say 131 more lives have been lost in Illinois in the last 24 hours due to coded 19th e. Statewide positivity, it rate is down slightly a 10.3%. In the meantime, Illinois hospitals are treating 6000 and 32 patients with Cove in 19. Of those more than 1200 are in the ICU and 724 patients are on ventilators. The fitness industry has changed dramatically during the pandemic as the Corona virus outbreak has temporarily shuttered gyms and limited indoor workouts. WBBM is Lisa Fielding tells us about one Chicago Jim that's expanded outdoors and his hosting virtual classes in light of Illinois's latest coronavirus mitigation. Indoor group. Fitness classes are restricted. Which is forcing some gyms to pivot once again to keep their doors open and patron safe. Have a team that's resilient and just, you know, a lot of a lot of great people that keep pushing the pedal on wellness, David Blitz with Studio three says. Since the pandemic began, they've launched a new booking platform. Ah, live streaming module lie with as three and opened an outdoor workout experience called the Arena 50 socially distance..

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