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And we're back on transition and virginia were talking about the mace. That's paraded down the center. I'll start of every house session so mark green all before we went to commercial. We learned that the mace was actually purchased from a former owner. So we're talking about a second hand item right Perhaps third hand. I think there were two prior but it is an authentic. English made sterling silver mace. And it even has a very definitive. Crown emblem on the business end so so that goes back to that kingly pomp who owned it previously. I am not aware of who the previous owners were and apparently they have no objection to are using the mason a very traditional way in the oldest of the english speaking colonies in north america. So sad it sold for just under five grand in the nineteen seventies so five thousand dollars in one thousand nine hundred seventy is thirty four thousand six hundred and ninety dollars in twenty twenty one so how about that wow so it was a good investment. It's appreciating markedly in. Its value about six hundred percent. That's right so it's not gonna fill a very big hole though in the next budget crisis. Don't forget the value added engraving. Yes yes because after all being a third hand mace with english usage prior to our acquiring it we wanted to do something to the. Mace would allow it to seem more specific virginia so once the mace was obtained There were a new words engraved upon it. And i can give you what it says A mace was presented by colonel francis. Nicholson his majesty's lieutenant and governor general of his majesty's colony and dominion of virginia to the house of purchases and seventeen hundred. So that's one space in at saying you know we've done this before we're not inventing something new here and then in another space it says. Governor nicholson was the last governor of jamestown and the first of middle plantation now lynchburg and presented by the jamestown foundation. Thirty one july nineteen seventy four in. That is actually an interesting date because thirty one. July hearkens back to the very first meeting of the virginia general assembly in sixteen nineteen which met in late july early august so you walked us through the foundation sort of going through the motions to track this thing down and revived this tradition. Why did they want to revive this tradition. Well we're coming up on the bicentennial and were remembering a connections from the mother country and the colonies. And i guess you could say with over one hundred and eighty years to think about it. All's well that ends well and maybe circle back and reassert. The pedigree of virginia having the oldest elected representative lawmaking body still meeting in mainland western hemisphere. Today and in truth were not the only american state in modern times to have a mace. So you know let's not be left out. What are the other ones. Maryland has amazed that they use in their state capitol building. Pennsylvania has to maces one for their house and one for their senate. Arkansas has a mace and then Sort of interesting bragging rights go to south carolina one of the original thirteen colonies because south carolina still has to this day. There eighteenth century mace that they had received before the american revolution. So who has the best base. And why is it virginia Well i'm partial to ours. Because i got to hold it once to find out how much it weighed in. There's kind of an interesting story there. Most people assumed in looking at the mason. You would think so now looking at the maze that it weighs more than it actually does It is not solid. It's a series of pieces that are fixed together with a wooden rod serving as a spinal column of sorts for the mace and it weighs between ten and eleven pounds just under eleven pounds. And i wanted to know this because everybody kept saying. It weighs twenty pounds and at one point for about years. One of the sergeant at arms was an elderly lady by the name of fran day tick and people were so impressed to see her taking the mace into the house of delegates was seeming effortless. Ease you know being An elderly grandmotherly looking figure. And she said. I don't think it weighs twenty pounds and i doubt it waste hand and she was right. So you're saying that when and mister pearson. The sergeant at arms asks everybody to get off the floor who doesn't have privileges and wields this big old hunk and weapon that they're empty words because it's not that useful. Well it's it's not that useful as a weapon. Let's clear and which is fortunate. Because none of our sergeant at arms my recollection of ever needed to use the mace as a weapon. That i can tell a quick story. One of our previous sergeant at arms was mr bud roderick and he served in that capacity for about nine years or so and one day we had a group of schoolchildren inside the capital which is a common sight and the guide had just finished talking about the mace. Being once upon a time. You know a weapon on medieval battlefields before it devolved into kinder gentler symbol of authority and power. And about that time here comes sergeant at arms roderick holding the mace and bringing it in the direction of the house chamber in one of the children. Innocently asked him sir. Have you ever had to hit anybody on the head with that. And mister roderick caused dramatically look down and said not yet did he. Hit the kid. No gosh i imagine there's plenty of people that Various sergeant at arms wishes they could it over the years you totally. There's a long list of that you so mark. Apparently the there's a really bizarre story that we don't really have a lot of information about about the mace. This particular that the current mace at one point being stolen and then recovered by scotland yard. Tell us.

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