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Yeah. Those packs, he's not a salesman. But he's probably happy right now. That was when John Paxson joined cap, David Caplan earlier. While she was in December. And so he's not a salesman. And I don't know. I think nowadays, you're you're president of basketball operations or whatever the official title is needs to be some kind of salesman. And right now, though. Big night for the bulls season high for points for the Chicago Bulls as they knock off that's one twenty five to one oh six they go to Brooklyn air back home tomorrow against Washington. Bobby Portis and Jabari Parker coming right back home. Tomorrow night. I don't border not a bad debut for the bulls seven for nine four or five from three. He hit eighteen Lauri Markkanen continues to impress eleven for eighteen thirty one points, also eighteen rebounds, Zach LeVine with twenty six ten of seventeen shooting. That was nice to see Chris Dodd fourteen points. This doubt nine cysts oil. Boy now people say, well, I don't porter jR, nice edition. Now. You're gonna win too many games not gonna go graphic. You can't win if you're packs, and you just can't win. It's. I can hear it already somewhere. Sylvia's drinking another glass of wine, at least one more. Maybe the rest of the bottle because. You bring in Otto porter jR, I know Brooklyn in Brooklyn's a game over five hundred twenty nine twenty eight and the bulls go to Brooklyn with all this happening with the balls. And he come away with a nineteen point win. Pretty nice. However,.

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