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Book fried pack then patterns re of college football leaves here is the Paul finebaum show. Our four podcast. We have reached the final hour. No cheering in the press box guide to be here. And we've got a really fun show. We're trying to make up for lost time I realized we've had multiple guests so we have not had a chance to get too many of the callers, and we will change that up right now. Unless this isn't a posture the first appearance in months of this familiar voice, you know what I have not spoken to you since the masters at Augusta? I want to get your thoughts. I on Tiger Woods. But what did you think about that? Well, I think it was I thought I thought of it, what everyone thought of it was one of the iconic wins in sports history. Jade he break Jack's records. I do not believe he can. I don't believe you can't need it. Why do you say that? I I'm not saying that it was fluky because he's one of the he's one of the best golfers in the world. I just think it's much more difficult to win multiple majors right now. Even though KEPCO may made me eat my words on that. He's one three and he's leading today but I just don't think. Winning four majors in a fairly short period of time. I think is going to be extremely difficult. And I think he does have a short window. I don't think with his physical situation. He has a long career left. I totally agree one hundred percent. I mean golf is a young man's game classical not on tire before he can play. Jay Franken COPA. If you remember he missed like a four foot clutter on eighteen looking back on. He made that. Well between the Tiger Woods. But you're right either the public the difference between now and tiger L dominated is is that to win win the masters in Augusta. He needed help from other players, winning the Otokar that needed. I mean, just dominated. I heard him Colin Montgomerie. You remember Colin Montgomerie, who? Cog on his first masters higher with jokes. Okay. An entire we're not tell you spoke to spoken with. Anyway, Colin Montgomerie said, you know what I said. The guy was DC yards past be on every hole every shot. He was fifty yards ahead of me. Well, that's not the case. Now. I mean the wheels. The strongest indicator that you are. Right. Is the fact that he did not play a single tournament between the masters and today. And I think that's why he started off, so poorly. I mean he started off with a double bogey because it's, it's the first time he's been on. You need you need to play golf. You just can't he was supposed to be two weeks ago at the Wells Fargo and he he skipped it. And I think that would have been, but, but it also shows you that his body is not cut out for much golf only the great Bobby Jones. Go to shows major to win them. Ninety thousand John. You've been able to ride in a cart at what do you think about that? I disagree with it. I understand the whole thing years ago with who's the golfer named Casey Martin that was a legitimate thing. John Daly has no business being a car if you quit smoking cigarettes, and drinking whisky, he might be able to walk better. I'll believe if he was a chance at all a winner, they probably would not let him run. Seeing the rules of the rules, the Roosevelt, everybody that you can't log in you don't want. I won the US open on a broken leg. Exactly, exactly. John said he can walk up hill. Okay. But he can't walk down. He'll, he'll make a lot of that for. I listen. I, I love John Daly, I know moderately. Well, he's called the show number times. But it's a freak show. What what's, what's the what's the where is he right now? Anybody? Anybody he's going to coattails of winning the ratio? He gets to play until I think he's sixty Indiana sit. That's all I'm always got Lil last one last thing I saw that we Herbie Darwin Notre. Typical Darrell we lost his using using the phone that he got for his first sports Illustrated's subscription in one thousand nine.

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