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Caught offside with every gumming then. Jj davani oh yes. Caught offside from the upper west side manhattan from an apartment in brooklyn new york. Andrew gun ling. Jj davani transfer deadline day. What's up brother. I feel as if you're oh yes intro. As iconic as it is is not as dramatic assay skysports transfer deadline day or else jerem gaito with their With their rather over the top countdown. We maybe next year we need to do something. Very very dark and dramatic for transfer deadline. Day like a a brian. Fontana panda watch yet. Something like that but you sat in a chair in the dark with just your silhouette you know rubbing your hands together with kind of knock glee not excitement. Not but some kind of menace. Why is that the emotion that we're trying to evoke from transfer deadline. Because it's dry it's ramped up to such a point that You know. Miguel delaney tweeted this out. He said what happens to the people. Now who seoul obsession on twitter and social media and possibly life is trance. I what happens when the window shots for them. This is their christmas andrew. So you're right and this is a thing. This is a relatively new trend. It is not exclusive to soccer. It is very much a part of american sports as well. And i wonder what's behind that. If it's like fantasy sports crazed just the idea of roster building in general like for us. Maybe people are obsessed with it. Because like i can't really relate to messier rinaldo like what they do i. It just doesn't even make sense to me. Like i can never do the things they do. But i think deep down inside all of us believe that we could in some way build a roster. We all in some way. Be the general manager. Oh you've our favorite team and so maybe that's why people have gravitated towards that because they almost feel like it's more relatable to try and build a team than it is to play a sport. Oh sure and strangely. You know you said you'd see tweets which i find particularly grim you know about clubs outgoings. They sold this guy for x. Amount brought in this guy and they'll be like that's how you run a club that's how you run a business and i'm like the joy you're getting from. This is far too much. You know the joy should be derived from whatever player you signed and their contribution on the field not not spreadsheets not stats and figures. And things. Like that. And they can be interesting. I we enjoy regularly. Delving into the world of swiss ramble. Who gives us the breakdown clubs amortization all those things they could you know they they can be interesting but For some people this is the sport. Well the thing that i find particularly ridiculous about this is that you know you fully know that there are people who lose their minds and live and die with the signing or not signing of a player that they have literally never watched play. And i find that funny We all remember andrei arshavin being announced finally at our snow on part of that huge sense of joy that arshavin signed for our snow was based on Okay some good performances in european competition. That were televised. But don't tell me that arsenal fans were watching him regularly. Because they weren't but the other side of it was tottenham didn't get him. There was a point in that transfer saigo not saga however long hours. Were after him. That to northland clubs. Were in the chase for andrei arshavin. So a lot of it. Too is one-upmanship You know united finds look at sancho veron christiano renaldo and they'll be goading liverpool fans and even possibly manchester city fans to about this. You're right in some ways. It's almost like a status thing. Like look it all these guys that want to be a part of of our club not yours and there's a dopamine hitch from the transfer there's a dopamine hedge from the likes and re tweets when you make a smart comments are are you say how you wanted to transfer window on twitter or instagram. So it's all that It's it's part of it's part of modern phantom it's very grim and but has been building for years and years. I mean it was it was so it was such an event and a thing At sky and and still is not quite what it used to be. You know andrew. They sent their reporters to grounds only to be surrounded by insane people especially the winter transfer window in all kinds of awful weather. You know trying to get on. Tv holding up signs in some cases holding up phallic symbols and inserting them into the year of one sky. Presenter i i to the point where sky you have to stop doing that and go inside. The grounds are somewhere where the fans worked It is quite a scene We'll go through it. We will be part of the problem for today at least and we will talk about some of some of the key moves from deadline day. Maybe some of the clubs that we feel have had particularly good or bad. Transfer windows also. Jj because we have played three matches in the primarily. You know what today is my friend. What day is that. Jump to conclusions day. We need to drop. Oh you have caught me off. Guard and I don't really know what to say in a moment like this other than i'm sorry you don't have it know what andrew. You can't not have the jump conclusions. Drop oh you're oh no no. No i thought you meant the boeing. Sound no no boeing. I'm not don't worry. Jj act not only. Do i have what you're looking for. I actually created a whole new open. So i actually don't wanna play. I wanna wait until we get to the real action. Yeah oh what. A pro total tease by the way. Just just the my my my my outpouring of anger there was nothing to do you per se but it's it's it's reflected from from our listeners. Who were annoyed we talked about. The carbo called a couple of weeks ago and didn't carbo carbon noise. Happy everyone that should make them happy. So we'll do. We'll do our after. The third week of the primer leagues each year. We do And i think we do for. Mls too we do our jump to conclusions. We podcast where we make. Kind of grand proclamations outrageous statements after just three matches and then we determine whether or not we are actually willing to jump to that conclusion. So we'll do that. You have put together a mail bag. Which i did look at. I really enjoyed. I'm i'm excited about that. One god you glad you went to the trouble to do your job. Yeah i did Because i'm a pro like you said I i did see one of our One of the guys who wrote into us wanted to know kind of where we're at with ted lasso.

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