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Draft you say gary matthews and who's the guy you said the thermo thermo uhhuh i think bobby valentines there was it was a pretty good year for grass so you know the funny thing about the thurman munson thing was the enke's redrafting i had a head of the phillies or lower that uring the i i don't remember exactly their position but i know they had called me because i did some catching high school in those you know they were obviously looking for side you're looking for sign ability wise even back then they told me it was between the months and then myself and then they decided that they were gonna choose months because he was coming out of kent state in they felt that he'd get the vaguely quicker worthwhile as kind of an interesting story you know what i look back look back at it and the thermo is a great player as well as a great leader after speaking to greg lazinski and be are and the other thing too greg as you were up in a big leagues at age nineteen years old that had been a quick quick highway to the big leagues from going out of high school and quickly you went right to the big leagues and you stayed up there mainly as a pinch hitter your first couple of years but after that you took off hidden over three hundred for three consecutive years you ended up being a two hundred seventy six lifetime hitter what was that at that early age especially getting right up with philadelphia the relatively quick through through our monitoring system and you know there was a quite a quite a change at that time in philly our farm director followings i had a lot to say with with the draft that he eventually became general manager so i was kind of one of the first boys i guys he drafted into the system so he kept pretty close tabs on me but i had some great minor league years and like i said i did i went for a while aa aaa and then in the big leagues and at age nineteen i had my first at bat and was like shea stadium shay stadium face race the deck and i think he struck out fifteen i think i was fourteen i was it was baseball was quite a bit experience i think you know vital even a.

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