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And I probably should have started out with the big news rather than the second news. But so be it. I'm going to give you that news now because this is such a major story and Mike this down watch covered in the mainstream media very very little, by the way. I did mention at the onset of the show coming up. The final two segments as we do. Every third Wednesday at a month. Gary Silverman will be joining us. Talk about market, volatility tariffs and the economic outlook. I'm sure you wanna hang around for that. So the other big story. This is. It doesn't mean. Very seldom closure to anything. It's just that. This is such a big story, and I turned on ABC NBC CBS CNN. CNBC turnoff. Turn on MSNBC. You're getting is from Joe Scarborough and Mika. Brzezinski continuous bashing of Donald Trump is nothing on the issues anymore. I mean, I watch it for about thirty seconds to a minute every morning, and that's it. Joe you lost me as a listener. And if we run into each other here at Boston again, which I'm sure we will tell you straight out not that it'll change your life. You lost me? Of your to the point. Right. Just couldn't take it. I don't know how much John Joe Scarborough. They covered this story. But it's a big story. Meeting not only the upcoming possible peace treaty between north and north and South Korea. Put the upcoming meeting. Because you don't handle this directly on top on the top level of each leader. But it's being discussed about five locations way to have this meeting between Kim Jong UN and Donald Trump. It's been very quiet has Italy recently as as to say on the western front. You realize what kind of is? Is just to get to this point. It's been quiet optimistic. South Korea seems to be very happy and optimistic and we're talking about maybe yanking down at border. Wow. The last person there, of course without results because she's such a dimwit. You know that is. Manage to think about her. Just a few. Former secretary of state. And. Boy, I will tell you. This is the first time of progress in about twenty seven years. Twenty seven years. And I'm frankly quite excited because. Cincinnati on Albright's trip. What has happened under all administrations? Nothing. So we have just we haven't experienced it. But the news is relating to us. Trump confirmed Wednesday that director Mike von tail at a top secret meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong gone. This includes not terms of other subjects. Discussing denuclearization of the world state. I don't I don't have any any. Inclination about letting them continue their lives over there. It's up to the people. We can open up trade yet deep nuclear ization under discussion, and there'll be a thousand times better off than they are now I dealt with the most Americans. Personally interested in going in there. And turning that system around. I hope we've learned. There were these regimes maybe not as characters evil is this one all over the world. Started saying, let's take your cells. Let's see if we can get to a point where we can begin trae. And this maniac over there. Will establish a great relationship with South Korea's more and in that country. And I would be a joy get those thirty seven thousand troops in the DMC back. Put him on the border of southern border with the United States. So Trump happy his say was kinda thing. Visit didn't say much. Happy to hear that. Maybe he's getting a little bit. And not shooting off everything. He does. According to the post. And that's the Washington Post. Jeff Bezos, not exactly a friend. But most American people. Was part of the effort to lay the groundwork for direct talks between Trump and the head of the rogue say. And that's about its nuclear weapons program. Is there? Anything more important. Dacre discuss. I think it's been a miracle since he's talks negotiations. Started. Because now we're talking about a unification. Sorts about north and South Korea. I think we have been in this Cold War. For. Almost sixty five years. And if we make any progress between what Trump is scheduled to do to sit down with Kim Jong guy. And with Sean young moon of South Korea. What a miraculous accomplishment that you won't hear about. And why? Tremendous hardships were opposing with sanctions. The fact that Trump finally out steered out blinked him John gone now tomorrow, if all goes to hell of everything falls apart. You'll you'll say to me. I'm not because that's what life is you talk about the events in a day in what arrived at what happened to make events a little bit different today. Could Switzerland drop a bomb on us? I don't think so. Who can tell what's going to happen next and Trump's doing the job? I think it's nothing short of America..

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