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The storm has passed the one positive note about Gordon is that it's moving relatively fast. But here in Biloxi, the next twenty four hours will carry threat of heavy rain storm surge flooding and tornadoes today was the first day of judge Brett Kavanagh's, President Trump supreme court Justice nominee confirmation hearing after hours of hearing from senators on the Senate Judiciary committee cavenaugh Gaby's opening statement, judge Brett Kavanagh's opening statement touched on a variety of topics. He thanked the president for the nomination his family for their support. And also described effort he's made to help women and minorities majority of my forty eight law clerks have been women more than a quarter of my law clerks have been minorities. Cavanaugh also thanked his mother who is also a judge. But in her twenties taught in. In predominantly black public schools in DC, Kevin says that taught him to show equality for all Americans. Stephanie Ramos, ABC news, Capitol Hill. Meghan, McCain praising former Senator John Kyle's willingness to go back to the Senate and replace her father who died of brain cancer last month. She says she can think of no one better to keep fighting for the country and state he held so dear the ruby slippers stolen from the Judy Garland museum in Grand Rapids. Minnesota in August of two thousand five have been found the FBI and other agencies made that announcement this afternoon. The slippers were one of several payers worn by garland in the landmark nineteen thirty nine movie the wizard of Oz. Only four pairs are known to exist. US Attorney Christopher Myers in Minneapolis says they're still looking for the suspects have a lot of work to do this is an ongoing investigation. So we won't talk about the facts of our investigation. Authorities say last year someone approached the company that ensured the slippers saying they had info on the shoes. But it was determined. They were. Just trying to extort the shoes owners after a year long investigation. The shoes were recovered in an undercover operation in Minneapolis..

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