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That's changing quite a bit but there was still a lot of kids that wanted to tear shit up yeah and how did your parents react to that like did they get super upset when you got in trouble or do they just kinda let you do thing no the gotten the you know the different got upset they paid attention the rule of thumb was i can't start a fight don't bully people but if you know somebody starts to fight with you you can defend yourself i think they got more pissed off how many times ago the principal's office for being a clown class clown disruptive behavior things like that that was pretty common too so i think they had a real issue with that in and looking i would as apparent now that's i'd have a big problem with my son doing that too yeah that's funny how that perspective changes it would just be so annoying you know like if you like on you get called again by the principal mining's almost better you know at least like defending yourself you know what i mean like come on man chill out and then what about socially like were you were you popular did you get along with people i think so a lot of friends you know growing up and it was always easy for me to make friends i think that i don't know it was i didn't have issues with that you know it felt good and i like that i just didn't always vibe with my teachers there was a lot of the course material that i thought was complete bullshit kids can see the writing on the wall you know like you know what you're gonna use in life you know if it's important or not and there's quite a bit of stuff that we force feed her kids learn that's just it's worthless information that's why i can't imagine what's going on right now right like i'd love to see what they're teaching in school but i'm guessing that it's not that much different than what we learned in basic high school right yeah well there are there are i've looked into this you know rudolf steiner was a really intelligent guy he started the waldorf school and i'm not for everybody that's like all our small shit it's just one possible difference yet right it's not i'm not saying my son's to go to waldorf but they teach differently one of the things they do is they allow you to proceed faster at things that you're good at so if you excel in math you can ball out and math and take college level courses by the time you're senior or junior and if you suck in history or some other course all they make you do finish the minimums yeah that's cool so you can accelerate on the path that you wanna do that specific like tailored school yeah but do you think that in like normal lack in akron ohio there teaching this pretty much the same thing symbol shit yeah which is what's crazy is i feel like now i was i was owned out then so now with social media you know what i mean all the other shit that's going on and they have a bit more computer science classes but probably the bulk of it is the same that's why people love podcast so much which is great for instant information as this is the real information they're not teaching this in our chemistry class and then what about did you go to college with any goals or was it more driven by sports i'm wanted to play football and you know it's funny because the goals change over time in order to stay eligible add to keep taking the easy classes so business major becomes communications major becomes bachelor of interdisciplinary studies which is like to to minors sequel one major as a fucking basket weaving degree you know and i didn't know what i was going to do with that and by the time i was a scene there's so many courses on the r b i s courses on how to sell yourself in you know an interview like you're going in for your job interview this is why you're going to tell them why you're degrees actually worth the shit and it just it made zero sense to me like i don't wanna fucking desk job i want to do.

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