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I don't want to put her whole business in the streets but so she had to go back in and have our procedure like surgical procedure to stop the bleeding and stuff like that. My son could not go in with her. She went by herself. And my son. And i were just like on the phone crying to each other like we were so afraid for her because she didn't have anybody there with her. Nobody to advocate for her. She was so weak shed lost so much blood. I mean she was just she was not okay and that's really terrifying. It is almost at my. I will will. I miss carrie my first child. 'cause i'm actually arch negative. Yeah it's no letter factor. So i have to get that shot. Yeah a negative. I didn't even know see. I don't have even the letter so it's even worse. Oh wow Yeah i didn't. Even i didn't even know though like i got pregnant and miscarried seven days later after i got a positive pardons tests in like i had i had to i pass. I was trying to like take a bath and stuff went to the hospital. Told me miscarrying. This i went. I was cool and tried to go home. Take a bath and relaxing collapsed on my bathroom floor. My blood pressure was low And i'm a normal low anyway so like it trying to figure out how like even like being downtown and stuff. All that yellen is stuff. Like i when i i don't like getting angry. I don't like yellen a lot too much. I'm allow person. I talk about allowed but to yale or to get angry. I takes a lot it does. I don't get mad either. I get real sick. I throw up. I really really bad headaches. I can't my my body. Can't refuse to argue with people i can i. Just don't i don't have it in me. I would say. I feel walked and most of the time to be honest. You don't even get that out of me. Because i just don't even carry to acknowledge you just like. Yeah okay do you buy. That's my downfall. Karen too much care about everything. I care about how i care about the children on the upper east side starving. I care about the hose on the coroner starving. But that'll burn you out so you gotta be careful with that. Yeah yeah nass. And i learned that like you're thirty so when i turned thirty i would say that was the best birthday ever had because my twenties i did a lot of crazy things. I made a lot of poor choices When i turned thirty. Like i got my diploma. I started going to college. I got a divorce. After i was married for sixteen years i stopped having babies Just like my whole life. Change because thirty was fabulous and i learned. I learned how to be a better me. Yeah i learned how to what you what you're going to accept in which you're not going right and and that's what i'm learning to mentally before i do emotionally So for you will never catch me outside acting a fool because you will never get that response. A bottom me i. I won't give it to you. See people get that responsive if they put me on my key. 'cause we've go there because anybody who actually does not in this world knows that i do not play about my kids. I don't need the police you don't none of you. People scare me when it comes to my children. I do not care. Shoot the club. Yeah please don't call..

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