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In the non talking mechanical parts of this human parts but the silent the non dialogue parts look i made a movie called the descendants with george with george clooney the descendants twenty takes place in hawaii and there's a lot of emoting and here's a guy his wife was cut kolding him and she's now dying and he's gotta take care of these daughters and he's got a land trust deal with all the stuff you need to talk about and that's what the media the film is and the number one question i got from reporters are journalists were called people who ask you about filming you're done was how did you get george clooney to run funny there's a silent sequence where he realizes he's he's been his wife's been unfaithful and he runs to friends and it's made a sequence of that you know in the scripted just said he runs down the street but i made kind of a meal about it and that's the number one question i got how did you get george clooney to run so funny so people fall for that crap do you think you're still as serious a film consumer now as you were when you were a teenager or a student right now it comes in spurts but yes i watch a lot of film even if i don't watch them all the way through and i keep up with films older films mostly but for example what i'm making a film it's kinda hard to to keep a steady diet of watching them i have a six month old baby right now in its oh i but get a load of this so i do morning shift with the baby my wife likes to sleep in so you know to like eight or nine so i've got the baby from six 'til eight or nine and you know we feed her and play and then we watch a movie so i'm happy to say that her first movie we carved through the smart this week was the dirty dozen and she loved it she loved watching the jerry's get what was coming to him you.

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