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I don't think there was a single day where anybody stood up and said, you know what? I think Kansas is the best team in the country. People said it about Gonzaga, people said it about duke, people said it about Baylor, people said it about auburn. People started to say it about Kentucky, which won by a million at Alan fieldhouse. I don't think there was ever a day where somebody stood up and said, I think Kansas is actually the best team in the country. And yet, now here we are. And Kansas is the only number one seed. Left in the NCAA tournament. Kansas is the highest rated team at Ken pom left in the NCAA tournament. And I haven't seen the updated odds, but based on everything I just told you, I would assume that Kansas is the favorite to win the 2022 NCAA tournament, but you're shaking your head now. First of all, Cinderella jayhawks. Is that where you're going with this? Cinderella jayhawks? The Cinderella jayhawks. Now, I don't know if I think it's still going to be duke. It was duke going into Sunday. I would think that it will but you could be right. What's Ken pom right now? Right now, Kansas had a duke. You might be right. I kind of feel like, hey, let's make this a rule. You can't correct me unless you know I'm wrong. Well, no. That actually is more fun if I try and correct you. And then I am wrong anyway. That's more entertaining. Do you have the number? I'm trying to look it up now. I feel like because it's duke, it's going to be. Maybe they'll be co. Maybe they'll have the same number. Although, yeah. Caroline, I just finished recently. You might not have it. I'll say it's duke. That's my guess. I'll say it's Kansas. It's because Kansas is going to play a Villanova team in the final four that is shorthanded and Kansas is ranked highest among the final four teams at Ken Palmer. If you're curious right now, it's number four Kansas number 8 duke number 9 Villanova number 16 North Carolina. Put up the poll. I want to see what the in the YouTube chat. Who should be. Now who do you think? Who should? Because you're right, it will be a shorthand of Villanova team, but Villanova was also a higher seated and higher in the metrics in North Carolina. So I don't know. I don't know. Should it be? Should it be duke or should it be Kansas either way? Let me stop it. Here's what I would say. I think it will be Kansas. I think it should be duke. Okay. I think it should be duke. I think it will be duke. Why do I care at this point? But yeah, KU moves along. Great job by Bill self, you mentioned he's at his fourth final four overall. Kansas now has made 16 final fours. I'll have some factoids on all the final 14 films. We actually set the table on that. But great one by Miami and Jim Lara, getting to that program's first elite 8 ever and Lara, you know, making it to the second weekend for the fourth time in his career, you know, what more can you ask for if you're Miami fan? Just a wonderful job getting there. You had life through the first half. It didn't go your way. Blue blood wins out as was the case in every single regional final and oh, by the way, if you were wondering, was that an operationally bad set of regional finals? Yeah. Shout out to Kevin pog for this. He said at 60.6 points per game, this year's elite 8 was the lowest scoring average since 1985, I think 85 they didn't have a shot clock or if they did it was 45 seconds. That year it was 58.4 points per game on average for the four regional finals. This one again, 60.6, the lowest since then. None of them were overly close. You had a little bit of drama latent second half with duke and Arkansas a little bit, and then you obviously had Miami given intrigue through the first 20 minutes, but then it was a blowout and then as we'll get to here, you know, unfortunately Saint Peter's clock struck midnight and it struck fast and with a fury. The other thing that I think is interesting about Kansas and I'm going to write about this later on this will all be a part of the comp. This is a little bit if you're listening to the podcast or watching it on YouTube. Like if you watched get back The Beatles documentary and you get to watch them sort of work through these songs is a little bit like what I'm doing right now. And basically being Paul McCartney right now. That was happening right now. I'm basically. Buddy. Yeah, I'm basically Paul McCartney right now. I'm just sort of working through it. And then you'll see the finished product and you go, oh wow, I saw perish. I saw Paris work that out. I promise not to be George and just walk out in the middle of this podcast here for ten days. That's not going to happen. So this is not Bill sales. And people have been saying this all year long. This is not his most talented team. It's not his best team, but he still won a big 12 title with the big 12 tournament title with it. Still got a one seat with him. But if you go through the teams, he's obviously right now. He's got one national title. It came in 2008. Dozier for the championship. That team was obviously better than this team. That's the team that won the championship. But check this out. I went through it earlier today. 2010 team? Probably also better than this.

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