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With head coach Vic Fangio. I'm Dave Logan as we get set for the Broncos on the road facing the Carolina Panthers. Let's talk a little bit about your defense. You're gonna be without a J. Boy for the remainder of the season. Bryce Callahan is is trying to battle through a foot injury. You're gonna have not that It's anything different than what you've experienced the last several weeks, But you're gonna have a lot of very young, inexperienced players in the back end of your defense. We will. You know, we've lost You know from the New Orleans game, which was just two games ago, both corners and our nickel, So we'll have a new group out there in those three positions, and but I'm excited to see those guys play and I think they'll do well. I think Bob's be and To Dawson and Michael will do well out there, and we're anxious to see him play last couple of thoughts with head coach Vic Fangio. You look back to last week Vic in the Kansas City game. Your offense did some good things. They certainly were able to establish the running game as you and I talked about after the game couple of ventures into the Red Zone, both of those Were touchdowns, which is exactly what you want. In this last four games stretch of play for this regular season. What two or three things are most important from your perspective, with respect to how your offense plays. Well, I think the big thing we got to do is Stop turning the ball over. You know, we've had too many turnovers. And that's a good place to start there. I'd like to see us go turnover free. Um Continue to run the ball. Well, we've had a couple games here now where we've run it pretty damn good and hopefully that continue and improve our efficiency and the passing game. I think those were some marries that. We could start with. Okay, Vic. Good luck. Thank you. Dave Priest said that's head.

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