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K. welcome back pharmacists nutritionists Jerry Hickey infertile radio what is been a series of studies where they've given the qualitative edge to people and it's really helped joint pain expansion sessional actually they also did studies on people who go to the gym who do not have arthritis but they get knee pain after Jim it worked for them also and then they did a series of studies on books they did it after breakfast the veterinary center over in Kansas and university Kansas Medical Center I'm a show the same thing they short and dogs you know you can't give a dog a placebo they normally given medicine they shortened won't start the pain was going away the pain was going away so here's what my clients experience if it's a mild problem the pain seemed to go away within the first month like a hundred percent if it's a severe problem then it seems to take too much but it's not like it's not helping within the first week within the first week they're already feeling better within the first week destructive feel better already what is this a trend not a trend does a trajectory a lot stronger than the trend does a trajectory the first week you feel a little better second week you better yet the third we can better still I like a milder condition like medium pain within the first month I should clear up what people would serve their pain yes you're feeling a little better by the first week and better yet but a second we can better still by the third week but it seems to take them to Munch so here's a couple letters his rock Sherman a.

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