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The voters tell me to fifty eight percent of republican voters tell me take the kids away so i'm going to do what they tell me otherwise i'm gonna get fired like mark sanford it and so now the twist than that is that now republicans are more i don't know if the right word is right wing more can't say more vicious because you can't say more conservative they they are now more vicious than conservatives are so that's a twist hold on because not conservatives are normally more right wing than republicans because there's a range of republicans in the concern of the right wing ones but no in this case fifty one percent of conservatives agree still on the wrong side but it's a lower number than fifty eight percent of republicans why because republican parties become a cult so if trump says it they say yes sir absolutely i've always thought family values was taking kids away from their parents that's what i've always thought whereas some conservatives and give them credit like franklin graham and a lot of evangelical leaders who i don't agree with at all have come out and said this is disgraceful and it's not right so some conservative peeled away but the republican colt has stayed together even more in favor of donald trump it's amazing so if anyone on tv tells you it's not republicans and that trump is an aberration it is not true it's not backed up by the numbers the republicans are as vicious as their leader and you know i remember a while ago years ago we did the story about researchers who did 'em our mri scans of the brains of conservatives versus liberals and what they found was that conservatives have a more active of fear center in their brain and trump really taps into that you know trump taps into the fearmongering crazy these are the criminals are the people we need to look out for these are the people who are harming the country they're dangerous he just keeps playing into that over and over again and that type of messaging is insanely successful with the right wing in america or emotion the scientists that have researches also show that emotion.

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