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You know the day but the induction is today. But on Friday night The families and the induct ease were awarded with their jackets. You know what those are is beautiful Orange Blazers and Kobe Bryant's wife put in that blazer on their daughter. And you saw Imagine Johnson just weeping openly. And so the emotion that was tied into that last night. That wasn't even the induction. And so it's gonna be. It's gonna be a super Super emotional night. I mean, but I mean, star studded, though I mean, Michael Jordan is going to present Kim Mulkey and Kobe Bryant. Alonzo Mourning and Dawn Staley. Don't Staley, friend of Marty McGee, inducting to make you catch Catchings. David Robinson gonna be there for Tim Duncan. Isiah Thomas gonna be there for Kevin Garnett. Gino Auriemma, Muffin McGraw for Barbara Stevens. I mean, Calvin Murphy and his team Elijah Juan for Rudy Tomjanovich. I mean, it is, I can't even imagine being in that building with that kind of star power. A to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut tonight. And again, you go back to how beautiful it is to gather again. I mean, those those folks are going to get to be together. Feeling that same energy Which is a beautiful energy together, and they're going to be able to share and fellowship about the impact that each one of those people had not only on the game, but on the people around them and millions of people they never even met. I mean, I think about K G man. The ferocity that he brought to the game was intoxicating to me as a young.

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