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That was Rebecca Luker singing my White knight from the musical theme music man, And this is from a Broadway revival of the show. And that is such a beautiful recording and grateful to have it was part of the show. Yeah. I always think it must be so hard to have something that you're so gifted at that you can't You can't do any more. Right? Yes, Hard. Yeah, it was. It's been especially hard. I on back on on on on all of us who know Rebecca And ah But I will say that she there's some days she has actually no voice at all. And then it comes back and she fights hard. And and she, you know, perseveres. Um, there are many Different things that we have to Ah morn. Along the way. But we also it also teaches us something and we adapt. Because it seems like every few weeks we're adapting to a new reality with this illness. Let's take a short break here and then we'll talk some more my guests or to Broadway stars who have been married since 2000 Danny Burstein and Rebecca Luker will be right back. This is fresh air..

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