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From you win from the NFC champ, and NFC chumps, and Detroit, didn't get over the top, and neither did Miami in Rams got over the top with some other players. And I certainly believe that sues a important part of the defense but not at the number economically that the Rams paid him a year ago. I, I don't know exactly what he got from Tampa, Tampa Bay financially but it certainly was rewarding. I'm assuming about nine mill nine point three. Okay. So we got fourteen last year. Yeah. So, okay. So you got ten million dollars from the ramp Bay Buccaneers you take that ten million? You say everything you supposed to say is he bangers is in dominant? Suet difference maker. If you have him, do you have a much better chance of success than if you don't have him at this point in his career? I don't know. I don't know if he's better than Gerald McCoy right now. I don't know. I have no idea if he's better than a German, I think they're probably pretty even. But sometimes when you get to move, you get a reboot. Moving from the ramp to the bucks. All of a sudden he gets ten sacks. It's just a reboot, maybe the style in which Todd Bowles uses him, which is a hell of a difference, a coordinated maybe not good here coach. But a defensive coordinator would a great mind puts him in a different position. Then we'll way Phillips there. Because way Phillips had Aaron Donald it. He had to make sure he can get off and not down consume or at RJ Hampton was the number five prospect in the class of twenty nine thousand nine he decided that he is not going to go to college. But rather, he's gonna go play professional basketball for the New Zealand breakers of the Australian National Basketball league. Here's RJ Hampton explaining his decision. I just think my dream has never been to, to play college basketball. My dream is always debate to get to the next level in the plan, the NBA. So I mean, I think this was the best route for me to live like a pro and play with grown men every day and, and not kind of have to juggle books and basketball and his focus on my mangle RJ Hamptons decision to skip coach basketball, and goes straight to a professional league overseas ticket or shaken take. You know, this is a somewhat of a growing trend every single year, we get one or two players that make this decision that they don't wanna go to college for various reasons, whether it's whether it's because he couldn't get into the school academically, whether it's the shoe money is so valuable in because the money that he's making overseas. It'll be a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Right. That, that that's not in comparison to professional sports. That's nothing but his shoe money could eclipse a million dollars a year and time or where the internet. You look at that. And he's not if you told me if you said overseas or Duke overseas are Kentucky. Kansas, Kentucky Duke more. So because I'm talking about the educational when, when you have a Duke, blue devil, next to you in your name is something different Michigan. It's, it's something different in the he may not value that part of it. But certain. Only he could have done a one and done type guy..

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