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Kids tickets Christmas provided thousands of toys for children who might not otherwise receive gifts at Christmas. But that's only part of the story here. Right. Katie kids. The kids Christmas is also meant to show the gift of giving in helping others need MacKenzie. It really is a great way for those of us who have been blessed to get back to kids in our area. It's fun rewarding. And seeing the smiles of the kids spaces makes it all worthwhile. Help us by organizing your school workplace or by getting families and friends to do a toy drive for the series kids to kids Christmas. We're also looking for students who want to help onto your at the various events. Please visit kids tickets soy dot com. Boy, WTMJ dot com and click on the kids tickets icon to see how you can help help us impacts the lives of families in need. Folks. This is Hake. Albert, owner of the lady when you visit my store, you'll see all the finest brands of lighting and ceiling fans, this hundreds of the latest styles of chandeliers, crystal lights lamps in Tiffany's in both high tech and traditional styles. Nobody displays more and nobody sells for less personally guarantee for the holidays are unique gifts will stir the immagination of both young and old. There's sports and historical items coin machines, leeann whites and tons more antiques and court liberals if you're undecided what to buy a BBC gift certificate makes a great gift. There's something for everyone at BBC, including fun for the kids in our famous free popcorn..

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