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Eight. Sponsored by liberty. Subaru? Good evening, Abby. Ryan, we'll get anything Mariam. The inbound side of the Edens. A twenty four minute ride lake cook to the Kennedy junction to Montrose outbound clear found the Kennedy out to the airport. Twenty five ten in a locals and eight in the express inbound, still ugly. It's forty nine minutes O'Hare into downtown twenty-five coming in from the Edens junction jammed from foster to division, and then the Hubbard street tell Jane burn interchange, your O'Hare extension on top of that that is pretty messy as well. It is a parking lot out of the terminals all the way to the tri-state ramps and then getting onto the Kennedy. If you're on the outbound side of the Eisenhower that travel time thirty four to route three ninety nineteen if we're getting off at Mannheim. So from our Harlem defers, and then so approaching wolf with a crash there on the right shoulder. Inbound tight from north avenue at the tri-state Mannheim to Harlem, and then western to Jane Byrne, forty two three ninety in twenty-seven in for Mannheim. Stevenson, thirty four on the outbound side thirty. Back in outbound type pass the Ryan to Kenzi bounce clear. Ryan out tonight, eighty fifth tight from fifty ninth to the skyway. They team downtown out tonight five at the inbound side of twenty minute ride, heavy past the Stevenson's Jane Byrne Fifty-seven looks good. So does Bishop Ford lakeshore drive northbound heavy through grant park oak street, curved, north avenue southbound from Michigan avenue to Chicago. You're southbound tristate Balmoral to the Irving park toll road work in the right lane than the grand avenue curved, Eighty-eight Ogden to forty seventh. Northbound's okay, Jane Addams, I ninety eastbound tight on the ramp. Southbound fifty three eighty eight the Reagan westbound tight approaching three fifty five if you're on veterans southbound slow from north avenue to Roosevelt road work in.

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