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Guess you can say I'm glad you're talking about this were the talk of the town. I'm glad we're quiet. Everybody to Louisville happens here. NewsRadio. Wait. 40 w wait no longer Take it easy out there. It's the morning commute. Toni Kroos, Kentucky and this morning is Jim Ryan from ABC. Jim Mother story that you're about to tell us about this information is interesting because I remember my wife and I coming back from vacation. We headed through Tennessee and they had their that already there have been more automobile deaths. That year than the previous year. This is, of course, when you know in the covert 2020 just amazing how that could happen More still saying the same thing happened, apparently or you're right. I mean, a lot of people. Maybe most people were sent home toe work If they could work from home and supposed going into the office schools were going the motive. So the highways that's the side streets were essentially empty. Well, unfortunately, Tony, A lot of people took advantage of that to step up their speed. They put the hammer down and and ended up in a lot more high speed crashes and even after Some of the closures were lifted and businesses got back up and running. You found that people were still driving too fast, and as a result, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is estimating that more than 28,000 people died in traffic crashes just From January through September of last year, just those months It's up nearly 2000 from the same period in 2019 before the pandemic struck. That is kind of amazing were most of these on the interstate the freeway, so to speak, or were there a lot of back roads as well? Or do we know that some of each you know Aziz? You say there that happened that you highway speeds have done up remarkably, not the posted speed, but the speed that people were driving one trouble spot here in all of this, Tony Is that teen drivers account for a disproportionate number of those fatalities, according to the governor's Highway Safety Association. You seeing a lot more teen drivers being involved in accidents. Recommendation from that organization is that that parents take control of it, maybe set a governor. You could do this with some of the newer cars. You can set the speed limit on the vehicle, so it won't go any faster, install APS on the bones of the kids so that you can monitor where they're going, How fast they're going in any excessive breaking the most important thing, though, according to.

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