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One commentator Jack Nichols Hamilton at the race in the bag the safety car bunched up the whole pack as it always does Hamilton couldn't pick because then Verstappen would have taken the lead and it might not have been restarted and just happened wins the championship on that Red Bull pitted Verstappen had the pressure tyres and the lap cars coming through is what always happens That's what you had to bank on Hamilton has lost the drivers title in heartbreaking fashion football now and Zambian international pats and DACA was on a scoresheet as Leicester City beat relegation threatened Newcastle United four nil in the Premier League West Ham's day fourth despite a nil nil draw with Burnley and Conor Gallagher scored twice as Crystal Palace be Everton free one Roman trip made ten wins in a row of a city rivals Atlético Madrid after a comfortable two nil win at the Bernabeu Well the main top of La Liga meanwhile Barcelona dropped 18 points behind their great rivals after being held to a two two draw by Osuna von teenagers Nico Gonzalez and abdi as Al zuli were on the score sheet Our football reporter mass viki has more It's been a difficult week for Barcelona after they failed to progress to the last 16 of the Champions League They tried to put that behind them today but they conceded late on to only draw two two at osa sooner So it's no win in three now in all competitions for barsa and these young players are getting their opportunities under charry now at basa and they repaid that today even though there is clearly a long way to go for this Barcelona team And in the NFL 44 year old quarterback Tom Brady has added to his ever grown legend after phone his 700th career touchdown in a 33 17 overtime victory against the Buffalo Bills And that's the latest sport from the BBC Thank you very much In the final months of the conflict in Afghanistan the UK agreed to take in Afghans who'd worked with British forces and were terrified of possible retribution from the Taliban Some 15,000 people took up the offer and most are still living in temporary accommodation But one Afghan interpreter berhan vassal who arrived in the UK in August has finally been offered a new permanent home in the Scottish city of Aberdeen as Lucy Manning reports Oh I'm so pleased to make dear long lost On a cold dark night in Aberdeen the vessel family step out of the car at the end of their ten hour journey.

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