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In-person voter but he canceled the in book in Person Voting for Today. Republicans in the legislature immediately objected. They had mocked him. They had ridiculed him. They had attacked him. They refuse to cooperate with him on this and then they attacked him for taking action. They sued in the State Supreme Court and within hours got a state Supreme Court from a majority on that court that is closely aligned with the Republicans in the legislature. Walking what the governor had done and then the. Us Supreme Court responding to another conservative lawsuit. upended absentee voting. And so we have this horrible situation today. Where across Wisconsin tens of thousands of people Are Lining up to go to polling places. And they're doing so at a point where we believe. The majority of poll workers are not going to be working where cities across state have had to dramatically reduce their number of polling places in Milwaukee for instance. They have one hundred eighty polling places. They're to move setup because that was the number that was needed for a city of that size. They now have five in the lines to vote in those five polling places go around blocks down streets through parking lot. It is a nightmare scenario Where the county executive of Milwaukee County says? The current virus will be spread further because of the decisions made by the courts and these Republican politicians. And where the county executive says more people will die. I it is. There's so much to be just completely both enraged and just I'm shocked by. I mean the idea that the the the United States Supreme Court would look at this and not even considered you know would narrowly tailor their question In such a way so as to completely disenfranchised I mean you're disenfranchising people at about six different ways in this instance. I exaggerated the number of polls in Milwaukee but people should just contemplate for a moment one hundred eighty down to five. I mean there's no physical way for those five polling places to even provide a fraction of the opportunity to vote that One hundred and eighty would technically a fraction but it is like it is what it's all action who percent right. I mean that's basically let me give you another example just to say that this is a state wide. It's not just in Milwaukee Milwaukee where you know we've had the highest level of current by cases where We have had the highest level of death until it's of particular concern for whole bunch of reasons But in Waukesha a community with substantial Latino population They had dozens of polling places. They're down to one In communities across the state where you had many many polling places they're down to one or two And they there was a report late last week that as many as one hundred jurisdiction simply did not have borders and people to do it and it is my understanding. Correct that the There that the Republican controlled legislature is aware that there has been a more absentee ballots coming in from Waukesha which is traditionally those absentee ballots come in from. Waukesha that traditionally Republican voters is era. I think that they in his depiction of this moment. There's no question that they ramped up on.

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