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Tank who FM and now look at you. Now you're Drake maverick and you are the two. Of tool, five live and like, Jay. And I said, we're, we're really, you know, happy to see that. We feel like it's catching traction and and you know, like with summer simul like, Aw, I can't wait to see those guys on the, you know, the pay per view aspect of it. And I think that's that's going to happen because like we talked about at the beginning, you know, you have guys like Mustafa who are really coming into their own and being able to show a character. Yes, I agree. And I am a list either that show look as the NAS confidence of paper give that shows that him and those lives just go at bus. I generally say is too I go out there and promote on social media, and I cut the promos and like Komai little bit of the glue that might make things move in different directions. But the ones that go out there on the life of ants in the ring and give you these kick ass matches. Like I hike getting price because I feel guilty getting any price of it because of the lights could so hot and what they do in the and the stories that they tell when they go last week we had these tornado tag much and that just in the New York could just seeing some that just say, Monday night rule, the shale coming back again. Then just in the mood, I win the tag thing. It just seem Brielle Softimage in the vice and everything. And then these lights out there and New York was just like blowing the roof off for. Shen. Oh my God. Not such a difficult position and and you know, because Beth is told me when she was doing the commentary for the match challenge and everything. She would sit down and watch two five up and grill every week. And she just said, you know, these guys are in in the hardest position possible in terms of crowd reaction in terms of just, it really is. It is the hardest position to be in where they are, and she said they're just busting their asses every week. Try to build something. I mean, I remember didn't raise high cost about two, three, four years in probably two when everyone was like, hi, this is more than just about mental. This is really catching on, so like everybody forgets it like Timothy billions infancy a year and a half in. We're coming up to one hundred. Is it your two years later? So coming up to show one hundred and the next night weeks. So like it was going to happen on that. I'm, I'm sure we'll. Will oppose evacuated so that the lives are honestly, some of them are power, eight guys that you ever say wrestling and you know my hat's off to them because they're the ones that really don't in price and it's, you know, it's, it's a noise. It's northbound chalance to work with as well. Everyone's working for to everybody knows that they're trying to build this hash from the ground up. So it's federal roads in the, you know, when you put your when you put your own brand endorsement on something like this guy is Scottish gone. It's it's very rewarding. I back, you know what I mean? It's just a WWE. He's gotta go into law and yet, and it's going to be. Well, I know you gotta go to the building to get two to five live, and you know, because shirt always blame. On. I'm not like that. White, and I'm definitely going on. I'm always as I'm usually Lee, but like like Kate the parking all usually like row like my travelers choice ago and he was like, where were you like? He got worries his. I'm usually like an hour. There's of the drug or STAN last browser..

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