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The main one is the LeBron Twitter, the tweet he had, where he said the energy's going to change. It was something along those lines on paraphrasing. All right, let's see what else we've got coming in here. I do need to get some other players, but I have a feeling that a lot of these players are going to be brought up in our super chats Joe and all of us at the Lakers won the same way last time playing the jazz, playing la center, LeBron at center, yes. AD can take my ankle. She says and Brian Holliday with the super chat said Lake show, baby. That's right. They got it done. They got it done against all odds. They got it done. Dre Johnson said, I kind of want to see Dennis back with this squad. I don't know. I don't know if Dennis Schroeder is going to get bought out by the Houston Rockets first and foremost. Yeah. And he just started tonight. Here's the other thing too. I think what we're missing a lot, why a lot of people are connecting the Lakers to Dennis schroder. It's because yes, they tried to trade for him. But I don't know how much of it was about Dennis Schroeder. I think a lot of it was his contract, a fairly small expiring contract where the Lakers to get there would stack up a couple of veteran minimum guys. The Lakers in that deal from everything we've heard is they were trying to use a couple of second round picks to get the Celtics to eat a few salaries for them. Like a Deandre Jordan and maybe it's more whoever, right? That's what the goal was. I don't know how much of it was actually let's go get Dennis Schroeder. So when I hear oh, what if Dennis schroder gets bought out by the rockets, I'm sure there's some interest there, but I really don't know how much of the Lakers rumored negotiation to try to trade for him was about we really want Dennis Schroeder versus we really want some open roster spots. What was really the goal there? That's the thing that really has to be answered..

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