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Jerome bettis they will will toyair is that right now nonlawyer play the basel rallied quarterback play quarterback grown up and granada and so on those see so soon as notre dame is good we like oh my goodness football is better when notre dame love them look at those any helmets their number three and so when you say our number three you go with only tina beat them is george they must be number one did you not watch alabama digit were they not ring number one at the beginning let's not try to be too smart here notre dame is good notre dame isn't great good they will be great as kirby smart tucker in those guys to billions in georgia is going to beat auburn anyway no called call my friend saturday and i said george is going to have a really tough is offering great nope not at all so it's only bama spam and then but here's the thing they are the same vam a right you've laws linebackers there's pieces missing defensively you always know they have issues with scrambling quarterback who watch we watch next fixed pajaro play great game it wasn't there his father they loss it was the fact that you gave a coach that doesn't panic even when he's over their cousin and screaming a quarterback who only makes winning place he's aid that saw watson drive away from have been a national champion and not having a loss on his record now jason you look at this alabama team they aren't historically great but they're better everybody by large margin to me thanks runproducer ours such ryan clark that over specifically what to do with auburn and how interesting that could get with what is remaining gaps on their schedule we.

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