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Have fallen in the draft that are blue chippers or you take more smaller schools and just solid guys like just overachievers that might make your team because you can have some massive swing and misses with a five star guy that just doesn't care but has all the talent where a lot of times when you get the try hard overachiever guy few draft three of them in the fifth sixth seventh round one of them is going to be a staple of your special teams or something you typically the underachieving due to florida state that looks the part but doesn't play the part never can't do that role it depends what you're looking for pick is in so we'll we if they if they have it if they announce it which it's hit and miss at this late juncture we'll have it for you if not we'll tell you who it is and we'll give you a little bit of a we'll give you a little bit of analysis luke falk the quarterback right here we'll the niners go quarterback at all today that that's another one if they were going quarterback in the draft you knew three you only need to write on your roster you you don't do three anymore so you won't see toughness but it's not like he's i agree with you star if you've got somebody that you really really like it's always great to have always flip beauty and the the beholder you know i'll tell you i watched that little sit down that russell wilson did with j t barrett j t barrett might not be in a bad undrafted free agents you know guy to bring to camp oh my god that's a great pick are two with the one hundred twenty eight th pick and the twenty eighteen nfl draft the san francisco forty niners select contagious street defensive in north carolina state paul for north carolina state defensive linemen are now picks can take control of your street.

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