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S. women when the World Cup cool Y. P. G. company the clippers Katie anti read going to the nets A. D. coming to Lakers and so on. got me personally when I think back on the summer of nineteen I'm I think about one thing and one thing only Alex Caruso the summer of twenty nineteen was this summer all of our eggs Caruso forget the Lakers bringing in Davis the biggest story of the Lakers offseason has been the transformation of Alex Caruso some of you losers look at him last year clowned him is a guy who should be working at the staples office supplies not stable center what do you dopes colostrum Steve Blake's dad. now this guy did was dominate. dominate undrafted out of Texas a and M. back in twenty sixteen he plays in the G. lake he sees little action with the Lakers in twenty seventeen eighteen then he breaks out huge way last year fifteen point six boards it is for serious action of the year back in March double digit points in four or five games in mid March. twenty three points six assists four steals three boards in the final game of March then came a parole the month of Caruso fifteen points seven assists in a revenge game against the thunder the team that you sold his rights then closing out the season with three straight double doubles including this masterpiece against the clippers thirty two points ten rebounds five assists my guy look like a birth out there you losers without the look like he should be running a staff meeting at a rental car agency were looking like absolute dopes when he was running the court like an absolute boss no wonder chasing kid one of that assistance job with the Lakers hell he wants to learn from Caruso. and if you forgot about groups all over the summer I suggest you remedy that right now I suggest you take a look at the weight room packs that surfaced on social media recently holy bull leap. so it's been doing work. that's a warning to the NBA the warning briefs looked a hell out. ABC no shredded this guy is if I'm a sports book in Las Vegas and I see those pics I mean immediately taking down all NBA lines this season is over before it begins the question is not whether the Lakers win a title it's whether they ever lose a game. this too is shrill readied. the great cheese on this to the ads or to borrow a line from G. Q. back in the day Caruso was quote all sick polygons in smooth flat plains in inescapable corn fed handsomeness. remember that remember that. if you've been wearing a pillowy white shirt and loose fitting jeans that would quote somehow only underscore the solidity of his balk like a tarpaulin draped over a concrete pylon. end of quote. skies in crazy shape now now some people in cruise over saying that it's photoshopped I'm not buying it. don't hate on the guy just because he's in better shape than you and Caruso mom as a reason for you to be so modest I know you've got this kind of weird Clark Kent Superman thing going on we want people to think that your normal check the rest of us we know the truth more importantly you know the truth. well we know you're not from this planet. a like it's a Photoshop. sure enough as soon as those twic those pics broke Twitter Caruso receive something from the league anyone to social media with a posting quote last week photo shopped weight room pick up me surfaces on social media this week random off season drugs.

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