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It is redid aqua huge toll free to control the airwaves here our number is eight fifty five 453 like freedom that's eight five five four five zero three seven three three what you to know about dash it is digital cashed it's a digital money platform designed to replace cash and help people manage their own wealth it's fast and could be private in ease the fees are low transactions are quick and could be confirmed instantly you can pay anyone anywhere in the world any time for pennies on the dollar and dashes decentralised run by users like you earn rewards for helping run the network and make governance decisions any what can invest in dash and earn rewards for helping run the dash network so join dash and help create a better finance we'll system for everyone take back control over your financial future today and find out more at dash dot org there's a lot of momentum behind dash right now i just gave away ten dollars worth a dash for free today now as a matter of fact to somebody in the local area who was interested in getting their dash while it set up we actually went out the group of us to cryptocurrency meet up this week at a local bar and sandwich shop that accepts dash as well as bitcoin but nobody pace of bitcoin these days because the fees but dash man they don't have a problem with the fees with dash very very affordable to spend dash and so that's what people are doing here in the cryptocurrency world of thirteen and portsmouth new hampshire were dashed is the prime crypto in the street skill learn more at dash dot org as we continue we'll take your calls and your thoughts about what you what we're we've been discussing luke boxes.

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