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I think thanksgiving and how it's like two different people. It was like this is so interesting. And i think it's mostly because that is not dorothy house so it's like oh i really she really. I can't that was over. I can't hold. I can just sell this cows right up from under you. She can't hold that on her more so she got to be like. Oh she really is adult in my is now even though it's like so would you give it a house for if you were just going to hold. I'm like girl is like she now has a husband who by the way chris. Bassett is literally chris number one show for me because the when he said you can talk to your wife. Anyway you want. You will not talk to mind that way. I'm like oh while i i mean that song. That's my type that's might. He's quick toward it. This is the thing first of all it must be said. I hope that he sought medical care for the brown. Dick's that's not normal. A medical professional about that. I hope he got that sorted out. I will never stop thinking about his brand. I feel like i feel like that. But i don't think that this is what makes him. Actually an excellent househusband is that he always. Let's candice fight battles. He is never getting involved. Like without needing only ever does is to protect her. Like okay what we're not gonna do. Go after ashley. I'm gonna sit on you. It's gonna be fine. Don't don't don't go too far. Don't go lets her fight his like they're over there. Having a finale fight this is what her job is. She's having the finale fight over here and he's doing what he's at the bar because he's like okay cool. She's earning that paycheck. She's gonna do what she's gonna do. And like i again can only imagine what the past couple months have been like for him as the supportive spouse as somebody who support them very leery so he was very very supportive. Because he didn't just it wasn't chrysanthemums. One that's embarrassing. He was like giving her tina next day. Are you okay. How are you feeling in with her on the cast trip. Don't worry so different. I'm like he was like performers. Like i'll know and you know he really does love her. He actually does care about her. You know like yeah. And i'm kinda glad she has risen highlight. Because i feel like it's a single this be a whole lot different..

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