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Angel just as a way of thanking you for what you do to the visit for the business community i'd like to make those available maybe we can talk about that towards the end of my segment here um as a as a gift to your listeners uh they'll six clarifying questions but yes we start with that angel in in uh those questions help uh my clients figure out where they are right now how they want to respond to where uh what's happening around them and then how to move forward where they want to go from here mark to him for just assuming give one of those questions to ask is till tells what one of those questions clarifying questions years so that our listeners have said the two two on permanent when you bet at the very first question i ask is what do you want to do and now you know that's going to be different for every one based on their their age of their phase of life where they've come from what they have accomplished uh it's sort of a bucket list kind of thing and how much of their previous bucket list they've already accomplished amazed on what's going on now what do you wanna do uh would you like to take an amazon river cruise do you want to look underneath look at the eiffel tower at night you know underneath the lights i do you want to walk on the great wall of china what do you want to do with your life given your current circumstances now what do we need to to uh to work towards asking where are you going randy do you see our south now so awesome it's just we get in our own heads and we get in our own way and i think we just end up nieto wanting to have a little pity party for ourselves and just do some netflix been jane and and think that life will just turn around if we just given enough time but.

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