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At random intervals. It meant that. I was incapable of you. Know getting into any sort of rhythm where i could fall asleep in between if you did start to fall asleep well that meant it was gonna wake you up because it was so sudden and shocking so the first few days i wasn't sleeping at all which wasn't making my situation any better the head nurse at one point so i said my document dr king dr nike came up and he's like how you doing. I'm like wow okay. But it's almost impossible to sleep so i haven't actually slept in the day and a half now. He's like well. Yeah that guy does suck. This guy was sleeping. Eighteen to twenty hours a day. Basically wake up and eat and then go back to sleep. The head nurse came the next day or the day after and asked me if there are any problems with the room. This is very japanese thing because they don't want to deal with the issue directly. That would be rude. But i'm like well. Technically there are no problems with the room but and then i kinda gestured over to the direction of that guy. I didn't wanna rat him out. He's obviously in the hospital to he sick but i mean unless he's getting his snoring i don't think he should be. It became very clear to me. They need a snoring versus non snoring room for people. So i'm light sleeper. There's actually a story told on veloce podcast earlier. I don't remember what episode. I'm actually start getting better. You know taking notes but would actually talk about sacred referred episodes. When i was a kid i had a man break into our house and step on my head and that has made me a very light sleeper. Ever since so. I wake up at everything so this guy was killing was like two three days then. I don't know if he was discharged or if they just moved them because the snoring of one man was negatively impacting the health of three other people. And so i think it would be fair to put him in a private room just for the sake of the other people. I wouldn't even say charge him more. I wouldn't say like he deserves to be punished because it's not really his fault. This is how he snores..

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