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The message from the U. S. Surgeon General Jerome marks he says people are starting to think that is the best way to protect themselves from getting sick which is false mark tweeted out the message Saturday adding that there are not effective in preventing the general public from catching corona virus he says people by every mask they see that health care providers won't be able to give them to sick patients putting them and our communities at risk well the corona virus scare has been hitting the airline industry hard of course and to generate interest some overseas carriers they've been doing some dirt cheap sales to try to get travelers attention like for instance air New Zealand they dropped one way fares to nine box because of corona virus it was limited time offer they sold out quickly in an airline in China offered fares in only six Bucks a pop so far no U. S. carriers have done quite that they've just been canceling the flights instead of course south by southwest in Austin is right around the corner and they have just announced the return of a two day series of conversations that is in partnership with the Texas Tribune fast and there are some big political names that are gonna be hitting the stage to discuss America's future panelists include former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton US representative and chairman of the house intelligence committee Adam Schiff and Anita hill had of the Hollywood commission of eliminating sexual harassment and advancing equality in the workplace and being this is a political year organizers hope to bring an important message and discussion to the younger generation of voters the south by southwest conferences.

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