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Discover a new podcast from our library of over 350,000 titles. Here's an I Heart Radio podcast preview when the women first began disappearing from the streets of Santa Ana, California. No one saw a pattern way. Still walk the streets at three o'clock in the morning, people would ask me. Are you crazy? I don't care. That's my daughter. I met before Nothing's gonna stop me. For months even is more women vanished. Police did not regard it as a high priority case. There's always a safe story. Oh, every cop has your flyer. Don't worry. I told him if I was a wealthy woman, you'd be looking for her go places. We don't have money. You don't care, and the case came to an Anaheim investigator, Detective. Julissa trap, and she said No, I give you my word. I will not rest until I find who killed your daughter almost gave me chills because at that moment I knew I was at the right spot. Was an answer to one question. But there was still however many hundreds of questions yet to be answered, never found rather well, that's not true. From the Los Angeles Times and wondering comes a new Syriza's detective trap. Listen and follow this podcast for free on the I. Heart radio APP number one for music, radio and podcasts, all in one kfbk Sacramento kfbk, A shambolic find Sacramento's number one for breaking news. Local news, Traffic and Weather News 93.1 King of the que from ABC News. I'm Michelle Franzen. President Biden says he's going big and acting fast. When it comes to the next round of relief for Americans, businesses and communities can't do too much here way could do to little Republicans say they want smaller direct checks and other cuts to the $1.9 trillion proposal. The president says. That's not negotiable. I'm not cutting the size of the checks. We're going to be $1400 period. That's what the American people were promised Senate and House Democrats passing measures now to use reconciliation, which allows them to pass the bill with a simple majority. The Labor Department, meantime, showing 49,000 jobs were added in January. Those are modest gains In a year of big changes and losses. ABC steered her Bolton has more from a larger view, a staggering statistic. The end of 2020 brought the sharpest rise in the U. S. Poverty rates since the 19 sixties, according to a study co released by the University of Chicago in the University of Notre Dame. On the flip side, people who are able to work from home are in a stronger financial position than ever. The impeachment trial set to begin next week against former President Trump House managers will present evidence trying to prove their case. A B C's Andy Field has new details. Nearly surface video shows Trump Advisor Roger Stone in Washington, D. C on the morning of January, 6th standing by member Is that the oath Keepers militia group just hours before the deadly riots. Stones repeatedly said he had nothing to do with the actions that day. House investigators hope to use that and testimony from the president's White House advisers on why he waited so long to order troops to the capital, and if they think he encouraged the insurrection, Oscar winning actor Christopher Plummer has dies, too, for Plummer had over 200 credits to his name from the sound of music. Fraulein Maria to most recently knives out that you have to do exactly what I tell you, His longtime friend and manager loop, it says Plummer died Friday morning at his home in Connecticut. His wife of 53 years, Elaine Taylor, by aside BBC's Jason Nathan Sin plumber was 91. You're listening to ABC News from California's Capital City. This is Sacramento's news 93.1. Hey, FBK. I'm Greg Fishman into 02 with your top local stories. Sacramento County Supervisor Don the totally is confirmed. He will not run for another term. When this one is done at the end of 2022. He will have served for 28 years, and that's on top of 15 years as chief of staff for his predecessor, Toby Johnson. The totally represents the sprawling district five, which covers most of Elk Grove, Wilton Sheldon former Alcove Mayor Gary Davis and consume this community services. District director Jacqueline Moreno have already declared their candidacies. The Golden State killer is being transferred to a protective unit at the state prison in Corcoran, Convicted serial murderer and rapist Joseph D'Angelo will be housed in a unit designed for inmates considered to be at risk in the general population housing the 75 year old serial killers serving life in prison. Sacramento Homeless advocates are planning together at City Hall at five o'clock for a vigil to remember as many a six people who died in recent storms. Thousands of people were displaced last week when 70 Mile an hour winds and torrential rains slammed the region. The activists will march from City Hall to.

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