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Are here eager to solve problems three oh three seven one three talked out don has a comment a looking for that up one fifty this woman called up are a truck rear ended her vehicle then when they when the highway patrol or whoever said Hey let's take it to a parking lot that guy took off and she's very upset of course she had damages handled by her insurance company but she's pissed off and I would be too late you know people getting away with that crap so don what's your comment well that would get me nuts too yeah she's willing to kill our sitting on a ramp looking for one fifty if she has a phone and a strong finger what's up with every repair shop in the Denver metro in Colorado springs they take normally want when they repair trucks in my opinion I've had a few injury like body shops body shops I'm sorry a body shops and they have your license plate right there and maybe she could do our own detective work well what what is it that's true but what if it's an F. one fifty being worked on does it have a disabled plate I mean all of that but maybe the guy here's the thing that's if you bother getting it repaired she also said that the air bags were blown on his all he had to have on his yes were you stationed I was gonna say if you walked into my business and request to start looking at my customers license plates I tell you to pound sand and take a hike yeah so but the body shop yeah they may not be cooperative unless it was please anyway thanks for the idea you know you know you do there are and I think you have to be certified to work on air bags now again these are things police would do and and they would have because these are all tools of the trade if there was a serious crime Tom wouldn't they have to take that to a Ford dealer to get the airbag specs I'm not I don't think so now I think that he no no no there are designated shops are shops that have authority not authorities the wrong word but they've been certified or something to do this when it comes to air bags is very special because you mean you do not want an airbag deploying when not needed these sensors have to be replaced that all has to be done three oh three seven one three talk seven one three eight two five five is our phone number and we are talking about anything you want to talk about I'm gonna give you some follow ups in a second here I'm just bringing them up on the computer of the sleaze brigade because what we're asking you to do is go to sleaze brigade dot com and then please tell us if you have any new information on any of the members and that's three oh three seven one three talk and the they the name of the site is sleaze brigade dot com David Wolper Raz has been getting away with crime for years he's as our latest that we really want information on this guy is a dirt bag back in two thousand fifteen seven news in Denver warned us about this clown back then homeowner said they they pay them for work and died they had they got incomplete shoddy jobs okay now she paid up front his company was known as D. P. freedom construction the P. for David per as he looks like he's still ripping people off the homeowner called my show to that I say today that was October sixteenth claiming he gave per as four thousand two hundred dollars never saw him again after very little work was done now per red press listen to this he's been arrested in the past for felony check fraud death from the elderly our fifth from at risk adults and theft of rental property he's even serve time in prison he's back so you got to be where up this guy called the David Paul per Raz and he is listed as sleaze brigade dot com along with this photograph the next guy is this Jamie Bach he got twenty years in prison as a result of you guys complaining and also putting this stuff together and mostly of course the weld county prosecutor the district attorney who took the time to do something these are one of the rare cases where consumer complaints were investigated and I have to my hat's off to weld county district attorney's office he got twenty years can you imagine I worked on that one and there was no violent crime here we're talking about ripping off homeowners so Jamie Bob was exposed on my radio show when someone called about as fencing and landscaping scam he's ripped off many residents from love land all the way it did but basically the front range and the latest one was the greens at van to water victims say he took more than eleven thousand dollars from the complex to do some work never did any and they get the spokesperson for the community said they hired a private investigator to hunt down the scumbag and according to the investigator's report he used to reside in Windsor Colorado he skipped out there on eight thousand dollars in rent so Jamie claim to be the owner of Jane J. fencing he is not that company is legit and it has nothing to do with him he has twenty years in prison for six Denver's talk station with Ross Kaminski in the morning Dan caplets in the afternoon six thirty K. H. O. W. Denver.

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