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John trout, this is America in the morning. The U.S. is now sending its top of the line tanks to Ukraine and their fight against the Kremlin. Correspondent Linda kenyon has the story from Washington. I'm announcing the United States and the 31 Abram tanks Ukraine. The announcement is viewed as a major reversal for President Biden, who previously said the tanks would be of little benefit to Ukraine, and that Russia would view U.S. assistance in this fashion as an escalation of the war. The president says the decision to send the tanks follows the wise counsel of defense secretary Lloyd Austin. Secretary Austin has recommended to step because the one hand the things capacity and finished territory achieved strategic objectives. Those objectives include helping Ukraine regain some of the territory seized by Russia. Beefing up Ukraine's readiness in advance of what is expected to be a Russian surge in the spring, and protecting the Ukrainian people. On social media, Kyiv mayor vitali Klitschko said all of the above are true. Ukraine defense itself, the debate about the less offensive weapons is absorbed with defend ourselves against the Russian army, and we want our country back. And the mayor said Ukraine can not wait any longer. German and other states must not make the same mistake. The mere year ago when arms were delivered way too late. And Russia was able to conquer and destroy many territories at the beginning of the war. Mentions Germany, which has agreed to send leopard tanks to Ukraine. Leprechauns not only mean better firepower, but also more protection for soldiers. The 31 M1 Abrams tanks the U.S. is sending could take months to reach the battlefield, training of Ukrainian forces to operate and maintain those tanks are expected to take place outside of Ukraine. Republican senator Tom cotton on Fox News says the U.S. should have acted much sooner. So welcome decision that President Biden and Germany have decided to finally provide these tanks to Ukraine, but it's long overdue. And senator cotton says maybe the course of the war would have been much different if the U.S. had acted sooner, to which the president responds. We are united Americas united and so is the world. Linda kenyon, Washington. 21 before the hour on America in the morning for the past two years inflation has ravaged the economy and destroyed the standard of living for many everyday Americans. That is the assertion of Jenny Beth Martin, honorary chairman of Tea Party, patriots, action. Out of control government spending, a major factor of inflation, Jenny Beth. Absolutely, I think it's one of the most important and biggest contributing factors to inflation when the government is spending money and flooding the market with more money. It winds up devaluing the cost of the dollar and that causes inflation. The White House wants Congress to raise the debt ceiling without implementing spending cuts, but Republicans now in the house have signaled they will use the debt ceiling issue to negotiate more spending cuts. Where do you see this going? We absolutely should be using the dead ceiling vote as a leverage to get spending cuts. And I think that this will wind up being a political battle. The White House has already indicated they don't intend to cut anything, but the fact of the matter is the American people voted in November. They gave the house to representatives to the Republicans to control. And one of the biggest reasons they did that is because they are concerned about inflation. So it is the Republicans are actually doing the job. They committed viewing when they were elected. And we are in a situation where we're able to divided governments, but in divided government, you have to be able to work with the people who have the majority in the opposing chamber and other sides of the government. So The White House and the Senate Democrats are going to have to negotiate with Republicans. We're speaking with Jenny Beth Martin honore chairman

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