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Will go to mother's diameter dot com. That's 800 her love will move diamond dot com. We're following breaking news. D.C. water rescue will update you coming right up after traffic and weather where the time now is one 28 on WTO fee. I think in whether IDH and when it breaks, good morning to Ian Crawford with this early hour in the WTO traffic center. Hello, do you know we had crash activity in the district or trying to get into the district anyway it was going to be on D.C. two 95 southbound right underneath eastern avenue where you leave Marilyn and enter the district and the crash was over on the right side. Unclear whether it still is, not much of the way of delays to get past this one, even if there is something in the roadway. Beyond that on D.C. two 95, you are good I two 95 is quiet, southeast southwest freeway nothing pending currently, 9 three tunnel watch for mobile work as you head toward the southwest freeway, not sure which lanes are good when you block it just has very flames here, so extra caution. South capital's read, you're going to hear dino talk about this in just a second. There is fire department activity into the Frederick Douglas bridge, not blocking a lane, but certainly drawing attention. On the Virginia beltway, the inner loop work after Leesburg pike heading toward the capitol heading toward the legion bridge, a lot of the capitol beltway, right lane is getting by on the inner loop in Maryland, the work is going to be after university boulevard heading towards New Hampshire avenue, two left lanes getting by. Back to back to Virginia very quickly, the work 66 eastbound, heading toward the capitol, bellway after nutley's Rita right lane is getting by westbound coming from false church heading toward the capital, but when you've got work as well, and that's a left plan to get by as well. GW Parkway northbound after one 23 in lots of delays, trying to get past the work single file heading toward the capitol beltway. Me and Crawford WTO traffic. As we head through the remainder of the overnight hours, mainly clear skies, temperatures by early in the morning will be in the upper 50s to middle 60s. We're not going to stay there very long by afternoon, highs

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