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Twitter handle, Ben Ben Greenfield's. Yeah. You can you can read the studies that I'm looking at every single day because you know, my habit is I get up in the morning, and I read this research, and I came across this interesting story about this this doctor. It's a privately held company in Miami called longevity Ron kind of longevity that name that is on Chevron and stuff. Yeah. I like anybody who makes up works. Anyways. What they do is the use stem cells use Mezin, camel stem cells, he's so-called MS's and up until this point. There's been a lot of back and forth about whether these things actually work. So technically MS's are supposed to be involved with regulating, and reducing inflammation, and repairing particularly blood vessels. But they've also got some some good research on them for knee injuries. To all sort of colitis. So they're like little miniature drug delivery factories in a way. That's why a lot of people get these stem, cell injections to repair and regenerate tissue. But there's this whole idea of anti aging, right? Like people saying I want to get like an IV infusion of stem cells as an anti-aging protocol. And whereas a lot of those things I just mentioned do have some evidence behind them for working. There has not yet been up till this point any clinical trials to see stem cells can actually help to, you know, reverse aging so to speak so longevity on actually conducted a trial and a link to it in the show notes. Go to Ben greenfield, fitness dot.

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