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Is the ninth Tropical Storm to hit the continental United States this year. That hasn't happened since 2016. Five of the largest wildfires in California's history are still burning, California Governor Gavin Newsom says So far this year 3.6 million acres have burned in the state, most of those in several lightning strikes in mid August. Currently 27 large fires are burning and 23,000 people remain evacuated from their homes. Monsters Jessica Rosen fall 26 people have died in the California wildfires in 6400 Structures of bird. Federal government but turning to execute a condemned killer. On Wednesday, William Emmett Lacroix scheduled to be lethal, Lee, injected for the murder of a Georgia nurse in 2000 won. His attorneys are trying to stop the execution with several legal appeals. Another federal execution is set for Thursday. NFL football has arrived in Las Vegas. The Raiders roll the dice and score a victory in their Vegas debut. There's car looking for Waller never scored easier touchdown. All courtesy of ESPN. Derek Carr connects with Darren Waller on fourth and goal for the go ahead touchdown in the third quarter. Part of 24 unanswered points for the Raiders car would finish with three touchdown passes on the night Waller with 103 receiving yards as the Las Vegas Raiders when their inaugural home game in a Legion stadium over the New Orleans Saints 34 to 20 for the Raiders, now to an O on the season, while the Saints dropped one and one man Napolitano Fox named Jack Callahan. This is now the American Foundation for suicide. Mentions mission is to save lives and bring hope to those.

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