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I listen to your episode with just a noble, and he where he talked about the whole process of testing. It's. If you didn't listen to that up Assode. So when a pilot happens pilots, I episode of a television show. Sometimes it goes sometimes it doesn't before it goes they invite random people off the street to watch it. And then they have a button when they like something they press it, and they don't like something they present another button. And then they like ask them questions about the whole process is very very strange. What's also super antiquated Ray? I think so because that's like I feel like juries are also antiquated because it's like what eight people get together. And then everyone's like, I have my opinion. And then someone starts talking. You're like well that sounds right. Like, we're all just lemmings. We just oh, yes. The loudest room. Yes. And it's also I'm the kind of person I could totally be the loudest in the room. But if someone's louder than me, sometimes I'm just like I'll just shut up because you are so annoying. I'll just agree to get out of. Yes, I do that sometimes and sometimes with annoying, then I'll fuck them. So they shut up. Ooh, tricky, which is just not good because then you're just rewarding bad behavior. Xactly as you're sitting on his face. Yes. Like shut up Yosef shut up eat this pussy, and then I'm going to leave never fucking. So you again, unless you call me text me, then I'll come runnin because guess what home girls desperate for love before. Era reu- in lots of relationship. Yes. I did play the field. Are you like a serial monogamist or were, you know, around balanced around a lot? I mean, I met iron college. So it was a lot of just college dating. But to completely fair like everyone was, but this was also before really absent phones and stuff. So he probably could have gone a lot more. I mean the app game. I will say as awful as it is it does allow you to just have like a, but like, I don't know thousands of people at your little finger tips. It's kind of crazy. But also this whole idea like just texting people like what's up? Yeah. That would giant mining Zayed's is already just ratcheted right now, I wouldn't be able to do it. I mean, I try very hard to not text too much before meeting. Somebody. Because there's nothing worse in texting somebody. And then me like, wow. Oh my God. Like, I think we're gelling. I think this is going to be good. And then you meet them in person. And they're not as witty as they are in texting because you can think about it. And yes, yes, it's a trap. I had a friend who texted a lot with someone. They message just so much. And then afterwards she was like I'm so excited. I think this is the one they met, and he was quiet like zero. And so she was like what happened? Should we text at the table? I do magic. We gotta take a break..

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