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And this is your host Michael there and welcome to episode one hundred and fifty six. Today's topic. Is this direct mail at this very moment in time is literally on fire literally on fire. Now if you think about the nature of direct mail it is one of those up and down tactics that can be seasonal. It can be depending on just the Times in general. It's had really low response. Rates better rates. But I've been saying for the last six months. That direct mail in general has been improving as tactic. But what I've been looking at recently is just analyzing the behaviors of people that are literally stuck at home with the only thing to do is to really work and be with your family. Not that it's a bad thing but they don't have a ton to do. What are they GONNA do if they're not going out there not going all around town etc etc. Those little things like going and getting the mail become so much more impactful that they're kind of like a micro moment so to speak and because people are so bored they're literally going through and almost digesting everything that's in front of them so if you now know that you have a lot more of their intent of their attention at this very moment in time this is the perfect time for you to look at deploying a direct mail campaign and I will tell you some of the campaigns that I've seen as of late our complete miss. The reason that there were complete miss completely goes back to one thing that is the languaging and the market sediment so religion to the market sediment episode. If you have not listened to that if the message that you're sending is the same thing that you did last year it's not going to fit at this very moment in time. Plain and simple. It's not going to fit. Do not send it. I don't care if you have ten thousand fliers that are left over from last year. Save him for next year. Your messaging has to be on point so step one before you listen to the rest of this as make sure you listen to the market sediment episode and you get clear that your messaging has to be on point otherwise you might as well just burn the direct mail before you send it so when you've got your message down and I'll tell you one message that I thought was spot on perfect I have a couple of those mypillows. You've probably seen some of those infomercials the pillow that supposedly never like ghosts flat and you can adjust it etc etc and because I bought them. They San probably every other month essentially the same postcard. Which is the right thing to do. You don't WanNa keep changing the message. And they stay up with their frequency and I haven't purchased anything but the messaging that came in yesterday was vastly different. The message said something to the extent of It's a healthy pillow. You can sanitize it as much as you want. You can put it in the Washer. You can put it in the dryer. What other pillows can you do that with? They completely pivoted their message. And they didn't call out the crisis. The Corona virus or anything like that but they pivoted their message which actually got me to take action. Because I've been thinking of buying another one now that's just me. Obviously but if they know that people are going to be looking at their mail now more than ever why would you not want to turn up the heat so if you have a business that has the you've got something that you can offer that doesn't necessarily have to be a sale but at least at some kind of first step? I would encourage you to look at what type of direct mail you could do now. The beautiful thing is in the past. I've always suggested lumpy mail. So sending out mail. That has a Trotsky in it or keychain or a pen or something and it's not necessarily that you're giving away keychain but rather the piece of mail has a little bit of noise to it and people are like what the heck is this. It sparks curiosity but you can even get away with now doing some postcards with using a company like Postcard Mania. I'm a huge fan of literally just using regular envelopes and a one page letter for example. But if you now the messaging and you give them some kind of next step next action but here's the key. Here's the biggest thing to to all of this after you nail the market sediment and that offer piece is you need to have some kind of risk reversal. You need to have some way that they have an out. So example in some states landscapers are essential non essential varies state by State County by county. It seems which is beyond me. So let's say that you're I'll play out bowl scenarios your essential or you're not essential if I was considered essential. My direct mail piece would probably look something like let us take one of the hassles away from you during this crisis Normally we do ten percent. Were doing twenty percent off this year. And we're giving you your first month of free cuts or something like that. I'd give him an extra bonus And I call out something that ties into the sediment the second one is if you're deemed non-essential what I would do is put out something a similar mess similar message. But you'd have a section about We wanted ear spring clean up. And if you put a deposit down and if we can't get out there because you don't reopen will actually refund it Plus an extra five percent tour will refunded. Plus we'll give you a month of XYZ. People are very very nervous to spend money right now and it's not because they don't have it because there's so much uncertainty should they go by the car now or should they buy the car later? Should they do their own landscaping or hire a company that they've been doing for the last ten years like people are very cautious to spend anything right now but if you do a complete risk reversal or if you find a way to do something now which is kind of that? Hold down sell the up sell at the so that I did a few days ago. You're able to take whatever they spend now and then reinvest that so to speak into future products or services. So you might say. I know that you haven't done a spring clean up with us but if you do a spring clean up for four hundred dollars will come in trim all your trees. Polo your weeds. We're GONNA save you that stress because you have enough right now and we'll take two hundred of that dollars we're going to apply it to cutting your lawn which is essentially. GonNa give you the first month. Free like those kinds of things. The risk reversal. You you gotTA show how you're stepping up in helping. You gotTA show how you're doing that so my message free today is what kind of direct mail can you execute quickly? Not In three months but like in the next week or to get something out there. Get your message out there. Stay top of mind Michael Eisner sending-off good morning good afternoon and night. I'll see you back here tomorrow. Thank you for listening to this episode of marketing. Above all get out there Mak- change and take some action and hey don't forget to leave a five star review until all your friends. This is the greatest marketing podcast ever ever. If we look forward to seeing you here tomorrow..

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